changed service

Let’s hear what you think about this photo. I don’t know anything about this other than the photo but would like to read what you think about what you see, please

Edited to add;
I just learned that this home was inspected by a home inspector and nothing the report was mentioned about anything electrical. This is in Mass.

please post some sort of comment

I see many concerns , This needs an Immediate R&R by a Electrician
with what I can see I expect there could be other repairs needed immediately .

thank you

I am trying to figure out the point as to why you wanted a comment!
I would had said the same thing and showed pictures of one issue.

Unfortunately, the limited view in this photo gives little indication of potential defects. However, at best it’s a completely “unprofessional” installation.

It doesn’t appear to be mounted properly, its dedicated space is obstructed and the NM bends pretty tightly coming out of the panel. It looks like the whole thing is mounted to an existing panel without even rerouting the NM.

What exactly are you looking for Mike?

This little feller asked me for my opinion on this new service upgrade on a house he just bought. My reply was in his opinion very ugly. I told him that if I was an electrical inspector I would give him 30 days to effect the proper repairs or he would lose power until repairs were made.

It was after this that he told me that he hired a Home Inspector and the inspector didn’t write anything about the electrical on their report. He put his trust in someone he knew nothing about and in my opinion got less than a professional job. I told him that home inspectors were no different than any other trade, some good and some not so good.

It was then that I thought it would be a good idea to see what my friends here would have to say based on the picture he sent me. I feel in my heart that those on this forum would have made some sort of comment on their report about the shape of the service and its deficiencies. I also know that the best of the best are members here and I was hoping to get comments.

I hope that more will make some sort of comment if nothing else about the workmanship of the panel.

Is the new panel smaller than the old one? Did the romex originally go into the back of the old panel? Have a qualified (and if in your area, licensed) electrician to review it with the owner.

Is this in the garage??

Even the install of the heater is hack work.


I do not like to do an inspection from Pictures .
So easy to miss things and the detail is frequently lacking .
You with only this picture was also handicapped .
The workmanship looks like a dogs Breakfast .
No Trades person should ever do work like this and the home Inspector must of very little knowledge on Electrical to not have written some thing in the report .

… Roy

that is the problem when You hire Stevie Wonder to do Your inspection…it is best to hire an inspector with the power of sight…