I could use some experts on this service.


I will post the pics as I took them.

What throws me off is the 2 exterior services and house is a single family home.

I found enough issues for the electrician but I had a hard time following the services.

So pics are from exterior to interior.

Here is some info.

2 exterior over head services.

2 panels in basement - one a FPE

1 sub at basement steps.

The cover on the one main was like the one Cameron was discussing on a thread a few days ago, The cover was a bear to try to get back on. Pointed, missing screws, main breaker does not line up with cover.

See pics. Seems like one of the service entry to the conductors at the main lugs go to the sub. I could not follow and why I was asking, why 2 services, maybe house was a double at one time.


223712 037 (Small).JPG

223712 153 (Small).JPG

223712 133 (Small).JPG

223712 148 (Small).JPG

223712 154 (Small).JPG

I’m out in the desert using my iPhone, so I can’t really see the pictures, but generally, two drops at a single residence or structure is prohibited.

After completing the inspection I have a feeling this was a 2 family home. (listed as a single family)

2 kitchens, 2 HVAC systems and sure looks like 2 electrical services.

Do you think they need to trim the vegetation,

Man it is a jungle out there!!

223712 039 (Small).JPG

Check the listings and count assessor office.(if that service is online in your area)

I’ve seen two meters and two panels on a single family home several times. I can’t say I have seen two service drops. The houses here that have two meters were done in the past and the second one was just for the hot water heater. At one time they charged a separate rate for hot water.

Off Peak Meter…

I always check the day before to prepare for the inspection and report.

Auditor and listing have home as a single family residence.

Two services could be on the house as long as the services are grouped. From the description and interpreting the pictures it looks like there is a service panel for one floor and the service disconnect for the other floor. The other floor would have the panel in the unit.

After studying the single-breaker FPE panel, you got a single phase service and a 3 phase service on the same structure. The 2 panels with multiple breakers are single phase panels. The FPE breaker has 3 poles, commonly used for 3-phase loads. Did you determine what the FPE breaker was feeding? Old homes with central A/C sometimes had 3 phase services for the A/C.

With the HVAC or air conditioner being suspect for the 3 phase panel it should have a separate disconnect.

Looks like Chardon area

Other direction, by the airport (Fairview Park)

Licensed electrical inspector and contractor…
this looks like 1- 1phase and 1- 3 phase service. Not against NEC per se (many meter packs for apts are 3 phase) and you can have 2 services to a building if they are different phases. But certainly not common and you have to ask why? What is the 3 phase load?

As mentioned it seems like a 1Ø and 3Ø services. Did you check the voltage on the 3 legs of the 3Ø disconnect?