Upgraded Service Equipment

I just thought I’d share.

This was the new service equipment (advertised as “upgraded, modern electrical system”) at this 1954 home.






Typical upgrade by the drunk next door neighbor.

Hard to tell, but is that termite damage above the box?

it should never over heat too much air flow.:smiley:

That would be “installation” damage. . .

That was a used panel they found in a garage sale IMHO. That is why all the KOs are gone. Shame the guy wasn’t selling a box of Romex connectors.

lol…or the actual PLUGS that came out of them GREG…now you know he would just DUCT TAPE them back in place…lol

Yeah thats an UPGRADE Jeff…lol…hate to see what it was upgraded FROM !..lol

Tell me that is outside? That is a meter ring I see above the panel in the pic. :shock:

Maybe this is So Cal. I hear it never rains there. :mrgreen:

Pete, you beat me to it, that was my question, is this panel outside??

Where else would you put a service panel?:wink:

Well, they don’t put the breaker panel outside in PA. is that normal for CA. ?

Only in the states where it doesn’t rain. :wink:

Yep. SOP for CA. . .

This is a case where being a “good” HI has a benefit over being an electrical inspector.
As an electrical inspector, we are not permitted to open equipment, unless the contractor is present and we ask them to open it.
HIs can do this and uncover this type of mess, calling for further investigation by a qualified electrician.
Great pics, keep it up.

I come to this site to see how the HIs are doing… as a group, I think you guys on this site are doing a very good job!!!

Just one other thought, even though I hope you are all thinking of this first and formost… be careful out there, there is a preponderance of lousy work being installed and your safety should be your first thought. Safety glasses/goggles and possibly some type of electrical safety gloves should be your every day tools as well as your screwdrivers/flashlight/camera/eyes/brain.

Nice flashing to the stucco wall as well :mrgreen:.