changes in Bill 59 Home Inspector Licensing

Changes identified in Bill 59 that is now going to become law with this majority Liberal government - who voted for these people??? The Russians?

The only change I see that affects Home Inspectors is:

(5) The contract shall disclose the type and amount (“of insurance” is removed and inserted) of any prescribed insurance that the home inspection provider and the home inspector under the contract have, if any, and any other prescribed information in a clear, comprehensible and prominent manner.

**Yet - No mandatory Home Inspection but maybe mandatory energy audits so that your asbestos filled, mold ridden, structurally collapsing house can be energy efficient is the goal of this government?

That’s Ok, because at the end of this year most home inspectors will be in another line of work that can actually make money.

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Thanks. Very few changes made that will impact home inspectors other than what Allan noted above.

I found the “Committee” receptive, but expected that at least a few of the major issues other than the “minor tweak” to the insurance be addressed in the H.I. Bill.

3rd Reading is expected within the month.

That would be Trump supports I believe.:wink:

Inane attempts at humour detract from the theme of a serious post.

Bryce, levity is often required and prudent under the bill 59.
Douglas Corsar was atop the controversy. Too bad his thoughts on the subject were unused.

Licensing and regulation draws conflicting arguments and unfounded allegations, fake news.
So who wins? Certainly not the home purchasers and home inspection businesses being squeezed to funnel money into the pockets of provincial governments and RECO.

You think those house buying consumers are kept harmless without RECO recommending home inspections?

Lightened up. Been fun to watch all the associations maneuver for financial benefits while the foxes watch the hen house.

“All” associations benefit financially???

Say it isn’t so. Again where’s the proof?

The NHICC presented to the Committee, read what we presented; and BTW we are a Federal NFP. Then again the NHICC is really not a H.I. association.

Cam Allen firmly denounced NACHI and NACHI inspectors to the Standing Committee on Social Policy today.
Thank that could affect bias?

“All” associations benefit financially;) was intended as a spoof.
Cam working his charm insured InterNACHI was represented in a kind light.:twisted:

Claude, been watching the NHICC National Home Inspection Counsel represent its ideas to many for some time. If you care to post what was represented I would be happy to read.


Robert, et al, there’s a lot of information posted on the NHICC website. The Officers of the NFP Federal Corporation will be meeting in about 2 weeks to discuss a number of things which includes updating the website. Further info may be found at:

Regarding spoofs - well perhaps that’s one reason why damaging rumours get started that harm individuals as well as business entities.

Much thanks Claude. Will visit the website.