Ontario Bill 3rd Reading

It is my understanding that the Home Inspector Licensing Bill will likely be up for 3rd Reading by/on April 7th. Even after that remember, it still requires Royal Assent.

Thanks for the update Claude much appreciated … Roy

Thanks for the update Claude much appreciated … Robert.

Debate has been slated to resume on April 6th after being adjourned on 4th April. Royal Assent is usually 4-7 days after third reading is finished.

House agenda can be found here: http://ontla.on.ca/web/house-proceedings/house_proceedings_home.do?locale=en

On the web now


Latest info…From the minutes…received a deferral slip: “Pursuant to standing order 28(h), I request that the vote for third reading on Bill 59 be deferred until Monday, April 10, 2017.” It’s signed by Mr. Bradley, the chief government whip.

Third reading vote deferred.

Ontario PassesLegislation to Put Consumers First
Increasing Consumer Protectionfor Home Inspections, Door-To-Door Sales and Payday Loans
April 10, 2017 11:47 A.M.
Ministry ofGovernment and Consumer Services](https://news.ontario.ca/mgcs/en)
Ontario passed legislationtoday that will strengthen consumer protection by introducing new rules forhome inspections, door-to-door sales and payday loans.
The Putting ConsumersFirst Act will:

  • Make it possible to ban unsolicited, door-to-doorsales on prescribedhousehold appliances such as water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners andwater filters.
  • [FONT=“Open Sans”]Strengthen consumer financial protections through new rules foralternative financial services such as payday loans, including extendedrepayment periods and more time between loans, as well expanded rules againstunfair debt collection practices.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=“Open Sans”]Regulate the home inspection industry through mandatory licensingand proper qualifications for home inspectors, as well as minimum standards forcontracts, home inspection reports, disclosures and the performance of homeinspections.[/FONT]
    [FONT=“Open Sans”]Strengthening consumerprotection is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help peoplein their everyday lives.[/FONT]

Thanks as always Roy, et al that contributed.
Does this mean real estate agents can go door to door and solicit the sale of a home, targeting elderly or after someone dies or before they are put in a home?

When a couple of hundred dollars is extracted due to buyer beware its OK.
But when hundreds of thousands might be extracted helping mortgage companies, banks and give the province more $$ for the coffers thought regulated REA its OK?
Prayed upon elderly at their most vulnerable time. Seen it for over 2.5 decades.
It’s a crying shame if you think regulated home inspectors will fix the mess you guys are in.

Anyone every tell the real story of what’s out there, or where you all in it for your end game and not the populations?

Give me a break…

Shame on you Len you continue to show how jealous you are of NACHI and its members .
Do you not think now would be a great time for you and you assistants stop the BS and be like others and try to help our industry .

It’s OK Roy.
Len, I am surprised. Are you telling me this does not happen in your province?

From my opinion, many homies promote themselves to REA on there website in hopes of referrals and inspect as TOLD.
You solist to REA for favors Len?

Currently anyone can hand out their business cards and be a home inspector in Ontario. That is partly what licensing is also aimed at.

I have encountered a few REA that have spouses or family members of some variety of so called construction experts that claim to be a home inspector. So until regulations mandate otherwise, it’s status quo.

Now do we need to broach the topic of “ethics”?

Unfortunately a few seem to need improvement .

So sayeth the person who needs the greatest improvement of all.

Mr. Roy Cooke has personally given his time to InterNACHI’s success in Canada, especially Ontario. He did not create a splinter Ontario Home Inspection Association to try to confuse and infiltrate the industry. He also uses REAL NUMBERS associated with members, chapters and association home inspectors.

As to my previous post, Registered Home Inspection Businesses are Registered with their province, are they not? So handing out a business card to a Provincially Licensed Business is compliant. If there are any complaints they can be lodged to the government or to the BBB.

I have always said transparency was paramount although some said, it’s not good enough.

When will you start truly helping InterNACHI members, Len?

So what. If a business is registered with their government what’s the problem?

Now you encroach upon the real problem. Double mindedness.

Hope everything was approached during the 3 year conversation on home inspection regulations. IMO; A separation of referrals by REA would be a first step. All referrals. Especially the ones for referring unlicensed cash contractors.

Now do we need to broach the topic of “ethics”?

Insure REA ethics is reviewed. Associations can take care of their own members. Just make a complaint.

Robert you do not need a business license in Ontario to own or run a home inspection business. I believe there’s one exception in the city of Barrie.

So until the consumer protection bill in Ontario receives royal assent, nothing has changed.

On another note there are some that seem to forget the prior work done by other inspectors in Ontario to help build NACHI.

Claude, if a business is registered with a provincial government, they are a registered business.

True. But several x InterNACHI members has provided misinformation as well.