Charging for Infrared

If it is not clear, I am not a home inspector. I have worked with many (some are my best friends!) and have a great deal of respect for their particular expertise.

I HAVE worked with infrared for 25 years and looked at thousands of buildings in that time. Much of my work has been related to energy analysis, insulation checks, problems solving, and air leakage studies. Sometimes I worked for the seller or a contractor but usually for the buyer or owner.

Typically I spend 1-3 hours in a home (of course size DOES matter in this case), less if the owner is not there and more if they are. :slight_smile: In the past my infrared camera cost $20-40,000 and I knew pretty clearly what my monthly payment on it was as well as what my other costs were. I would typically charge $300-600 for a full analysis of the insulation and the air leakage (using a blower door). I’d also produce a full report of my findings.

Clearly this was a lot of money for some. I never pushed. If they saw value, we worked together. If not, they could figure it out on their own!

Nearly everyone I worked with ended up pleased because the findings made a difference to their comfort, reducing their fuel bill or solving a costly problem. I reminded them that the report had immense value for anyone who owned the home. Often when a house was sold, they completely recovered my fee by being able to command a higher price because they had PROOF of the actual condition of the home.

Obviously it you can’t sell value to someone who doesn’t recognize it, but selling infrared based on the real value provided is a pretty “easy” sell in my experience.

Again, my $.25 worth as a non-HI guy. I hope this post has value for you!

Thermally yours,

John Snell
ASNT NDT Thermal/Infrared Level III #48166
Snell Infrared

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John thank you for posting good information and I for one hope you post often as I have less than one year in this IR business. Just passed my level 11 class last week and I find this field most interesting wished I had known of it 25 years ago

Thanks John.

Very well put.

I like that “Thermally yours” do-hickey thingy. It’s, how might you say…colorful :smiley:


Hey John,

Thanks for the post and insight!

I have found that the price is really Dependant on what your particular area or market can bear. I usually do not complete an energy survey (stand alone) for less than 500 bucks. I have even charged 600 to 1000 depending on the size of the home.

For the benefits that the customer receives, I still think we are under paid. IMHO.

Kevin is correct about most of us being underpaid. The $300-$600 John mentions is still currently a bit difficult to get IN ADDITION to a home inspection fee, but a breeze to command IN ADDITION to a light commercial inspection, hence