NACHI lowballer loses 3 times.

A few I days ago received a call from a prospective new home one year customer asking if I would reduce my price 75.00 to match another inspectors price.
Customer claimed this elite inspector was more qualified than other inspectors due to all his nachi requirements that exceed AZ requirements.

Told customer NO, check ASHIs membership requirements, my experience, and compair the two
She called back and scheduled at regular price stating she felt it was worth the additional 75.00 if I found one additional major item…:smiley: :smiley:

Stated that she then called the elite NACHI inspector and cancelled, the elite inspector offered to do it for** free** after my inspection to show her how good he was if she would agree to give him a plug on the homeowners chat board. She agreed.

Got call from this customer yesterday raving about how many more major things I identified broken truss 20’ from access, split rafter, I even put blue tape on them for the builder to locate:roll: ] broken tiles, tiles that were not nailed to mfg. specs, that were not visable from a ladder, and 6 other items,and how my report was so much more detailed, his report 18 items, stating they needed additional evaluation by builder:roll: , mine 39 items with documentation why each defect needed correction.:roll: :roll:

BTW… I’ve done over 50 insp in this subdivision, the builders rep and I have had many discussions, he told her I did not know what I was doing and the other inspector was a better inspector , hmm after providing documentation of workmanship standards and code references, why have they fixed every defect I’ve identified on the other homes…:roll: :roll:

End result, in just two days 3 more inspections from this customers neighbors and friends.:smiley: :smiley:

The moral of the story… BS, builder referalls , low pricing, and bragging about how great you are , doesn’t compair with experience, using shared knowledge and professional CE obtained from local experienced HI and trade veterans in this profession.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Low balling is the most disgusting practice in this industry
Price shoppers will never be my clients,but I guess your competition knows what he is worth.

I enjoy talking to price shoppers…Don’t we all shop when buying a product or service?
I and a lot of other consumers will pay a few extra bucks to a business that offers me a professional service or product, that can be verified, over a lowballer every day.

I never give up on price shoppers.
The way I look at is, every satisfied customer = 100 or more customer referrals over the next few years…

Lowballers are lowballers for a reason. Most of us know what the reason is. Realtors and builders like lowballers. They serve an important sociological function. One of those functions is to point out emphatically to the consumer (though this requires a victim or two) that you get what you pay for.
Having said all that, it still appears that the tone of the original post is somewhat anti-NACHI, to put it mildly. A little button punching, Mr. dee-hairess? Sorry, won’t bite. I encourage other ethical, experienced, competentent, professional NACHIites to simply ignore this post. No matter what, let this be the last NACHI response to this blatant attempt to open yet another can of worms for public view.

Yep. In St. Louis, the lowballers are all ASHI inspectors.

Same thing here In Brighton .
What gives are all ASHI inspectors slow learners .

Let’s be honest, it’s the inspector who is a lowball not the association. I’ve seen both NACHI and ASHI inspectors work for free.

You might be correct But I do seem to think it is an ASHI member who comes into out Home and tries to show had bad the NACHI members are .
It would be nice if he tried to Clean up his home and let us look after out Home .
We of course are not allowed to visit His BB and say things like he does on ours .
Fair play would be nice .
Of course this ASHI member just loves to see our members compaining about our members .

If this inspector is going around bashing others and NACHI then he won’t be around much longer anyway. When I was in sales I always use to compliment the competition then just say that we are better.

Sorry Dan is a good inspector and has been around for a long time.
He just loves to come here and plant his BS.
This is his love to come and read the NACHI site and plant seeds to get attention and cause grief in our home .
This seems to be a way with some ASHI Home Inspectors .
They are extremely jealous how well NACHi is doing and how well NACHI helps all .
The NACHI Toronto Conference is a prime example .
NACHI had more people come to the Conference then have been to The total of the last three ASHI North Conferences in Canada.
If you have been around you must have seen some of the Canadian Posts
trying to cause grief to NACHI.

A good inspector perhaps, but bad mouthing competition is real bad for one’s business. Nobody wants to hear it even if you think they do.

If Dan displays the typical attitude amongst ASHI inspectors toward NACHI,
it seems to me that those who are trying to decide which org to join now have an easy choice.

Thanks Dan.:slight_smile:

NACHI rocks!

Dan is a good deal for NACHI as all those who visit get to see how NACHI operates and Dan is a prime example of some sad ASHI members.

I would like to compare this to an experience I had back in 1989.

I had hired this Carpenter from Fort Kent, Maine, and he was one of the hardest workers I had ever seen and talented in his Trade.

We had him on a particular Project for about 10 Months and then I noticed that most of my crew of between 10-20 men at the time were all grumbling and coming up with an attitude that made me wonder what was going on.

I then paid more attention as to where and why it was occurring and found that this hard working intelligent man was instigating false rumors and facts of how a business should be run and operated.
I had been with the Company at that time for 19 years.

This guys attitude was ruining my crew. He kept bashing the way it was operated and how he would run it differently and kept saying behind the scenes how he use to run his jobs and how the other Companies were better and the men working for this Company did not know as much as the others.

With an attitude like this, I do not care how good you are, it will not be perceived lightly.
When work slowed down on the Project I took advantage of it and laid him off.

Lost a good Man, but saved my crew.

So as Roy and Michael Larson just pointed out, makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Thanks guys for all your knowledge. Too bad that some on the other side of the fence can not relate to reality and can only try to spoil the membership by deception of qualifications, ethics and morals that is exemplified by NACHI Home Inspectors.

I hope his heart bleeds. :frowning:

Marcel :slight_smile:

Dan, should I start posting the stories about the Ding-Dong ASHI HI’s I have inspected behind???:wink:

You proabably know them.:smiley:

I seem to be noticing a pattern. ASHI inspectors attempting to discredit NACHI inspectors on publicly accessible BBs all over. You know, kind of a sour grapes publicity campaign.


It is time for an inspect-off. Who is better

Start it at the local level and move up to the nationals

$$ to enter and the winner takes all



Amen! If people actually looked at the requirements, they would find that the SOPs are same, give or take a few provisions and minute differences in the language. Whether a test is proctored or not is irrelevant because a test represents nothing more than the taker’s route memory and test taking skills. Time of experience means nothing, as evident some of my “veteran” competitors; it is the quality of experience that counts; something that cannot be quantified. Educational requirements do not insure that the home inspector will actually retain the information and properly apply it during his/her inspections. Membership statuses say nothing, since any moron with X-amount of inspections can meet the “requirements”. I have yet to hear of any impressive miscellaneous requirements.

How is a home inspector more qualified by being appart of a certain assoc?

That is to be expected of a failing organization that socializes its membership and stops at nothing in its attempt to socialize the industry as a whole.