I know you all mention having cheat sheets for information - any idea of ages on either of these water heaters? Thank you.

State Industries model:CV40NRS2 serial:L83588510

Mor-Flo model:GV403S serial:J872108601

as always, thanks for your help.

State Industries model:CV40NRS2 serial:L83588510 = 1983

Mor-Flo model:GV403S serial:J872108601 = 1987(I think)

Thank you so much!!
what do you all use to find this information?

Ok, what about this, natural gas boiler system
HB Smith model:G300-S/W-7INT

as always - THANKS!!!

Here’s a couple good links to W/H dating…



serial:A84-401 - Im not sure about that one. If had to guess I would say 1984.

That’s very much for the excellent links. You da Man…