Serial number cheat sheet for Water Heaters?

Does anyone have a good cheat sheet they would be willing to share that describes the numbering convention of serial numbers for different manufacturers.

Normally it can be deciphered in the first 4 characters but sometimes this does not suffice. I’ve seen the serial number descriptions for Bradford White, Ruud, Rheem and Richmond but there are a lot of others out there.

Any assistance would be appreciated…

Try this…

Nice info. Joe.

Here’s additional info…

Here is more info.

This is what makes this MB the top of the line.:D:D

NACHI folks.


Thanks to both Joe and David. Excellent information and just what I was looking for. Appreciate it!! :slight_smile:


Just when you think you’ve seen’em all!

This water heater is a ‘Trageser’ 30 gallon gas unit:
serial # A61697 - Assumed year 97’. Couldn’t find a thing on this brand.