Check list

Anyone have a check list for clients for a final walk through at closing ?
I have a client that wants me to go on his closing day

I need one to. I have a final walk through Tuesday. Please :slight_smile:

For new construction?

No mine is about 10 years old 6000 sq
Never had anyone ask me to come back for the closing day
I thought i seen on here once but i couldn’t find it

Just bring your first report summary.

I don’t think that is what they a referring to bob because i mention that, There was very few items on this house. I was just wondering if there was closing check list somewhere for buyers. I thought i seen posted on here once or on the site

New one on me Wayne.
I take it you have a contract that says you are not including certain aspects of a real inspection?

HUD has forms that you could add or subtract to or from

I was going to give them a check List for themselves . I will have to work on a disclaimer Thanks Bob

I have one in Word still working on, here is a sample,

Cyr Home Inspections Services

Asking Price______________________Taxes___________________
Bid Price (My Offer)___________________ Lot Size_______________
School District_____________________________________________
Year Built_____________House Style__________________________
No. Of Bedrooms______ No. Of Bathrooms______ Sq. Ft.__________
Real Estate Agent’s Name___________________________________
Real Estate Agent’s Tel No.FAX No.

Land Grading Satisfactory____________ Low Spots____________ Needs Regrading______________
Landscaping Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ **Privacy **Good_______ Fair______ Poor______
Driveway Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ Walkways Good_______ Fair_______ Poor______
Garage Good______ Fair______ Poor______ Attached______ Detached ______ No. Cars_________
Decks Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Patios Good________ Fair________ Poor_______
Porches Good________ Fair________ Poor________
Retaining Walls Masonry________ Railroad Ties________ Good________ Fair________ Poor_______
Roof (Type) Asphalt Shingles_________ Slate_________ Tile________ Cedar________ Other________
Roof (Condition) Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Sags________
Roof Leaders & Gutters Good________ Fair________ Poor________
**Chimney **Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Not Plumb________
Exterior Facades (Type) Wood Siding________ Aluminum Siding_________ Vinyl Siding________
Stucco_______ Stone_______ Brick_______ Wood Shingles______ Asbestos Cement Shingles______
Exterior Facades (Condition) Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ Bulges___________________
**Exterior Trim **Good_________ Fair_________ Poor_________
Windows (Type) Single Glazed_________ Double Glazed_________
Windows (Condition) Good_________ Fair_________ Poor__________
**Exterior Doors **Good_________ Fair_________ Poor_________
Comments ___________________________________________________________________________

Ceilings (Type) Sheetrock______ Plaster______ Paneling______ Acoustic Tiles_______ Tin ______
**Ceilings (Condition) **Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ Evidence Of Water Damage________
Cracks____________ Peeling Paint____________ Needs Repainting____________
Walls (Type) Sheetrock__________ Plaster__________ Paneling__________ Wallpaper__________
**Walls (Condition) **Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ Cracks_______ Peeling Paint________
Needs Repainting__________ Needs Removal Of Wallpaper________
Needs Removal Of Paneling________________ Evidence Of Water Damage________________
Floors (Type) Hardwood______ Ceramic Tile_______ Marble Tile_______ Vinyl______ Carpet______
Slate_______ Other_______
Floors (Condition) Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Squeaks________ Unlevel________
Closets Adequate_________ Inadequate________
Window Treatments Included_______ Not Included_______ Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_____
Built-In Furniture Included_______ Not Included_______ Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______
Ceiling Fixtures Included________ Not Included_______ Good_______ Fair_______ Poor________
Doors Good_________ Fair_________ Poor_________
**Source Of Heat In Each Room **Yes_________ No_________
**Source Of Air-Conditioning In Each Room **Yes________ No________
Comments _________________________________________________________________________

General Condition Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Needs Remodeling _________
Appliances Good_________ Fair_________ Poor_________ Exclusions ____________________
Cabinets & Counters Adequate_________ Inadequate________ Good_____ Fair_____ Poor_____
**Pantry Space **Good__________ Fair__________ Poor_________ Eat In Kitchen _____________
Comments _______________________________________________________________________

Number Full________ Half_______ Condition Good_____ Fair_____ Poor_____ Remodel _____
Fixtures Good_______ Fair_______ Poor_______ **Faucets **Good_______ Fair______ Poor______
Cabinets Good________Fair________ Poor_______ Jacuzzi________ Steam Shower________
**Wall Tile **Good________ Fair________ Poor________
Fiberglass Enclosures Good________ Fair________ Poor________ Re-tile__________________
Comments _______________________________________________________________________

There is more, if interested.

Billy if this is something you can use, I can email it to you in Word and you can edit to your choosing.

Marcel :):smiley:

Ok so you guys are talking what to me is cosmetic.

Bob i have no idea what they want me there for to tell the truth.Maybe it is for my good looks or something lol

Or maybe it is a top home inspector model show . I may have my own calendar

Inspector Stuff has this:

Billy and Wayne you have mail.

It sounds to me that they want you there for reassurance… I would defer them to the inspection report for which they should have called you
back (for a fee) to insure everything was taken care of in accordance to the request they made to the seller.

Simply giving them a checklist outside of your report sounds like they could easily misconstrue same as a checklist for which you use personally to inspect the home. Larry

Here is a clean copy

Thanks Joseph

Hi to All,
Just out of curiousity, what do you charge for closing inspection. If you already did a inspection on the house for the client and they ask you to do a pre closing inspection.