check out this picture

6 year old log home, stone chimney

feb8 001a.jpg

I’d say he is one hell of a Mason to have scalloped his stone on the logs.

Did he install back rod and sealant recessed also??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Come on Marcel…I’ve built enough log homes (3) to know that he installed the chimney…and hurried up and installed the logs while the mortar was wet to make that impression…then moved the entire wall 3 inches to get the desired effect. :):):):slight_smile:

I concur…

you guy’s are right, the wall is the thing that moved.

It looks like more but the log wall actually shrunk 1 inch vertical and 1 inch horizontal. Common problem with log homes.

The chimney did not pull away from the roof at the top.

I just reported the gap and recommended further evaluation.

I guess the mason does not know that log homes settle.

Alot of masons do not know that wood shrinks and mortar cracks and powders up when touching wood, because wood will suck up all the moisture to fast out of the mortar and will not start the hydration proscess to get hard. But, they still do it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you recommend sealing the gap?


I did, the client was owner/builder.