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icon_question.gif Fellow inspectors… I have found an increasing need for log home inspectors in my area, and many clients are looking for someone who specializes in LOG HOMES. I have done a few log homes in the past, I have even spoken with some manufacturers. Do any of you all have any thoughts on some out of the ordinary things to look at during a log home inspection that you would not normally see otherwise. Chinking, cracking, caulking etc…

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I forwarded you some info and web links.

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Too bad you are so far away!

I have built (my brother and I) almost two dozen log homes. I have also worked in the office of a local log home company doing design and troubleshooting. That was a nice job until they added 'salesman' to my job description! I cannot lie that much, so I left.

There are many things to look for in inspecting them, and each individual log structure (depending of type of wood, type of construction etc.) has it's own quirks.

Two pieces of advice I can give is look for daylight through the seams and any checking or cracking and in the corners.

Also open and close EVERY door and window.

Typically this is where inexperienced log home builders make mistakes.

Logs shrink approximately 1/16" - 1/4" per foot in the first few years (2 - 6) depending on climate, type of heat, moisture content of logs at start of construction and during construction etc.

If you have a sticky door (even interior) or window there was probably no provision made for shrinkage.

Also look at nailing patterns of interior trim. Remember that the logs shrink so any trim must be allowed to 'slide' along the logs without causing problems.

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

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