Checking Heat Pump in heating mode when its 80 degrees outside?

I never check the heating mode on a heat pump when its 80 degrees outside. Whats your standard procedure ? I received a call from the Realtor about the heat pump not heating, I told them back in August the cooling was limited and needed servicing.

You did the right thing

If you run a heat pump in temps above 70 the head pressure will peak… Bad news… You were correct and should always state the perimeters /limitations that your SOP states or if no guidance exist there or in the codes, get the advice and reasoning of an experienced HVAC expert like Charlie and state your limitations and reasoning in your report.

When its 70 degrees in Phoenix I’m freezing, my heat pump is running until the house is at least 76-78 degrees…:shock:

That’s cause your old… Lol
Always been told this and also that is the AC isn’t working properly then the heat will not when it gets cold. I think this is how he presented it… Love these questions that make me dig… About to do some learning

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That is what we do, How ever if the air had limited cooling the heat side will not work ether . why didnt they have it checked who knows . I just bet there is a warranty involved in that transaction , Now it will not cover it