checking Sump Pump

Just bought one of these, plan on using it to lift the floats when checking sump pumps. Its telescopic so it should fit nicely in a pocket.

That’s not insulated. What happens when you stick that in a live pit?

what do you use then,

Not any worse than just reaching in with your bare hand! :wink:

My thoughts exactly!

Where there is a will there is…


My brain.:wink:

Hey Kenneth that is ageeat Idea. I am going to pick one up, I am tired of touching those nasty rusted and who knows what else floats. Nice Idea. Also the insulation rubber dip is a goodiwe as well, or just some electrical tape or as jeff said, we all use bare hands anyway…:shock:



Pour in a bucket of water…

Well, I’ve been looking for something thats easy to carry since most of our homes have crawlspaces and its hard enough to carry a flashlight in one hand and a probe in the other hand. I have no desire to put my hand or arm down in the pit and the long screwdrive I use as a probe sometimes its difficult to lift the float up high enough.

Grab a plastic coat hanger out of the nearest closet. :mrgreen:

Not always that easy to have access to that much water to fill enough to lift the float. Heck for 15 bucks at amazon, Mine is already on the way…:wink: Small, light, and looks effective…




Cheapie…LOL Chris, you are better than that as you are a Professional, get up off the 15 bucks…LOL:mrgreen:


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I have a telescopic mirror that could do that job…

I’m glad we don’t have those here in Florida that I’ve ever seen.

Great idea, I’m gonna get one!

I made this from an old paint roller:

This is a tool I invented with multiple use. It simply is two 26" pieces of 1/2" cpvc tubing and T. Cost less than $5. On one of the piece I have a T at its end; the other piece I epoxy a micro screw driver to one end and other end a hex head bolt. They fit perfectly in my tool box and have many uses for them either separately or together. Here is a couple examples.

  1. Use the piece with T at end to reach in sump to float and test. Also good for probing pit too.
  2. Flip it over and use T to push low hanging wires out of the way.
  3. Attach them together or use separately with screw driver end expose and use as a probe and moving insulation.
  4. Turn around and use the exposed hex bolt piece to reach up to ceiling smoke detector.
  5. Use together and with my extended reach (10’) I can check overhead service wire height.
  6. I have 1" marking on one piece, If I suspect difference in stair runner or rise dimensions I can check quickly.

I have many use and use on every inspection.

Make one and customize for your use.

John, that’s a nice invention/tool, is multi purposed one end for probing, the other for hooking, lifting, measuring, etc

Terrill, I like the modified paint roller frame, it has a nice handle.

Maybe we should have a monthly home made tool poll!

Kenneth, that is a great idea. With all the expertise and creativity members have, we should be able to invent or share tools that can rival Nick’s Camera Poll.

Terrill, nice modification to your tool pouch. Can you share how you did that. I mean the extra straps for flashlight loop and measuring tape. I done something similar to carry my Samsung Note II with HIP that allows me to be hands free until reporting or photos are need.