What about THIS sump pump/...

To me, this sump pump just looks all wrong. Can you Plumbing experts shed some more light on this one? And I do mean ALL wrong. Wonder what they were thinking?


I am not one of the plumbing experts, but the wet soil and the sump liner sitting so high indicate that the sump was not dug deep enough. I believe the pump should be connected to rigid PVC or other approved drain pipe without the sagging “trap”. Also, the loose hanging and missing insulation on the crawl space wall doen’t look very good.

If all of these post are from the same place it looks like they have periodic flooding. The sump in this picture is wrong in almost every way for a permanent application but it was probably to pump the flood out… maybe seasonally? Seems like some larger issues beyond the plumbing.

Besides the whole installation being wrong for reasons already stated by others did you happen to notice if there was even a check valve install in-line?

This just simply needs to be addressed and installed properly by a plumber.
While it is difficult to dig a 2 1/2 ’ deep hole in a crawl space that is no excuse for such a poor installation if it was done by a PRO.