Cheepies Are Everywhere

This year commercial inspections in KC are really going low. We’ve been losing a lot of bids lately.

The last 6 Office/Warehouse Combinations and small apartments I’ve bid on (roof, foundation, electric, plumbing, hvac, structure and grounds) have gone for about really down and dirty fees like:

42 Unit Apts in 2 Buildings went at $50 p/unit = $2100

41,000sf office / warehouse - 7,000sf office / 34,000sf warehouse @ $0.06 psf =

We were so much higher than the 2 lower bidders we got laughed at


There are lots of low ball investors out there, and in our area too. It is ok we don’t work for them, we set our price and in most cases we let the clients know why we get the fees we do. Some investors are trying to buy at the cheapest price and as far as property and inspections go they get what they pay for.

We have the same problem in our area too. There going for 6 cents a Square foot on average. I took commerical Inspections off my website because of that. These people don’t last when they realize they bid way too under and have to inspect a large warehouse or office.

Regardless of how quick they’re gone OR you get what you pay for … They still take away 1-3 a month that really you or I should have got.

UNLESS someone has a problem come up and BITE them in the butt … From a buyer perspective they got a GREAT deal and saved a bunch of $$$$$$$$$

Really they most likely got a poor inspection and it will most likely end up costing them more.

Lost a Tri-Plex this morning … 65 yrs old, 1,700sf p/unit / ranch style with basements and 1 car garage each.

I was too high. Winning bid was $515 total