Another first com inspection

I have my first commercial inspection and curious about a fee -
Small warehouse in a mutli-unit bldg, 3000 sqft, one office, one bathroom,no kitchen, concrete const., open ceiling, bay door, - unfinished warehouse area -
I called the fire marshall in the area and he gave me things to look for and comment on (he was great) - but my first one so I would like an idea about what price to charge to start -
Any comments are greatly appreciated -

Either by (Lump Sum, Fixed Price Or Range)

A. General Industry guidelines are as follows

(1). Job Size (square foot, number units etc)

(2). Purchase price times the %

(3). Principals daily earning power plus direct costs and markup

B. Careful Pre-Inspection Survey of the building Components

(1). Subcontractors required and their cost

(2). Estimate time for inspectors and principle

(3). Hard costs and profit and overhead

Also for any sub you use make sure you add about 10 to 20 % this is an industry standard. I have used this one allot

Now for pricing: so many guys charge different prices for obvious reasons our rate currently is 25 to 30 cents per square foot on a multi tenant building and less for just a warehouse and then add 20% for any subs etc.
Don’t be afraid to use those subs you will still make good money if you price it right.

I will say don’t be afraid to give them the price you want and don’t sell yourself short if you have really sold your services this should be no problem. so I wish you the best and remember follow the ASTM guidelines.

Also make sure your COMMERCIAL contract is solid.

Troy, I take it then that you do not support or approve of the iNACHI Commercial SOP. Can you share why not?

I went to the class that NACHI put on for commercial inspections in Denver with Instructor Mike Nelson (this guy is very good highly recommended) 3 day course. He gave us his ideas and based on his information I have chosen to follow these guidelines.

You can incorporate all of them if you like, it comes down to personal preference right??

Plus it was CMI approved and that was a bonus to me not to mention it was at the ITA school.

thanks for your help - trying to come up with a simple price scheme (15 or 18 or 20 cents a foot) to start and then add subs as neccessary and markup - 20% sounds standard from my experience - add for things if the building is complicated -