CHI use outside of British Columbia


Outside of BC CHI is not going to be challenged by ASTTBC. ASTTBC is only going to defend the use in BC.

What is more of a concern is the fact that OAHI knew the use of CHI would not be persued by ASTTBC outside of BC and knowingly sent a letter to ASTTBC reporting me for something OAHI had no jurisdiction or power to do. Clearly this was done to intimidate me and to show how OAHI would deal with whistle blowers or people they felt threatened by. When I queried OAHI asking to see the agreement they had with ASTTBC and or how the by-laws supported OAHI position guess what? OAHI did not answer my query. Seems they like to throw their weight around and then hide from being able to establish or prove they have the power. Scary indeed that this is tolerated by a body that likes to see itself as the voice of the Inspection industry in Ontario.

Even more of a concern is the DPPC Chair of OAHI and VP knowingly acted with bias intent. Of concern also is that this same person is on the CAHPI BOD representing Ontario. What does that instill? Certainly it doesn’t instill confidence; at least in Ontario fair treatment and due process is not to be had thats what it instills!

For one of my birthdays a couple years ago Chris Morrell bought me the wallet. He knew that Pulp Fiction was my favorite move. I’ve carried it every day ever since.

What; the pulp or the fiction? I think you must mean the fiction as the pulp would be pretty messy in a wallet eh? Especially the pulp coming out of OAHI! :mrgreen:

And now Raymond, you can post the notice that states CHI can be used outside of BC.
OAHI has finally acceeded this.
I think I will bring this up at next OAHI meeting… and put CHI as signature on all email…especialy email to OAHI


Anyone in the Registry of OAHI is permitted to use RHI, that includes Applicants and Students and Associates. If you are being informed otherwise OAHI is in breach of the enacting legislation. Now the question remains why are they in breach of the legislation and why are they telling members they cannot use RHI? They are doing so to hold people down.

If you don’t believe me I suggest you check with your lawyer. If anyone wants a copy of PR 158 let me know I will post it.

** PR 158 also states unequivocally …

(2) Any person in Ontario who, not being a
registered member of the Association, takes or
uses the designation “Registered Home Inspector”
or “R.H.I.“, alone or in combination with
any other word, name, title, initial or description,
or implies, suggests or holds out that that
person is a registered home inspector is guilty
of an offence.
(3) On conviction of an offence under subsection
(2), a person is liable to a fine of not
more than $5,000.

Now I have asked several times where Head Office is. No answer. Gee I wonder why they cannot follow the rules. Sorry a PO Box is not acceptable as a head office. :shock:

Just when I was going to climb into to that PO box to start reading…:mrgreen:

I tried to put a stamp on my forehead, but it wouldn’t stick!

I tried to put myself in a box and have someone mail me, but realized by the time the post office delivered it to head office I would starve to death, not to mention soiling myself and lack of oxygen! Ich! :shock:

There is also a rule you cannot send dangerous goods via mail! :mrgreen:

David I do hope you know many of the OAHI/CAHPI BOD monitor this Bulletin Board .
They have in the past used post’s from this BB against those who use this BB.
They continue to show how well they do not like NACHI and will ignore their Bylaws to try and punish others .
Been there done that .

Roy Cooke

Kudos to David for speaking up and seeing through the fog of bullshet. :slight_smile:

**"I tried to put a stamp on my forehead, but it wouldn’t stick!

I tried to put myself in a box and have someone mail me, but realized by the time the post office delivered it to head office I would starve to death, not to mention soiling myself and lack of oxygen! Ich"**

Come on Raymond. This is a serious subject. You should treat it with a little more respect. You could have used the system that NASA chick used;
**diapers and a can of mace. **

Did you punch holes in the box for breathing? Did you try Canada Post’s express service? Did you even try to wash your forehead before application of postage? u.p.s / purolator / Fedex ?

**I am sure that if you had been serious about this you could have had yourself delivered within 24 hours and in relative comfort. please in future treat this subject as the serious issue it is! :mrgreen: **


Do you think I could sue for mental distress for negligence because OAHI has breached and misrepresented what it is selling, that is membership in a body that does not abide by its mission statement and other factually advertised benefits? :stuck_out_tongue:

I particularly like the mint flavoured stamps, the ones you have to lick. I put so many on my forehead I smell like Wrigleys Mint gum! :mrgreen:

Yes Ray ,you can sue for your damage as long as you proof your damage.


It looks like “sorry” is not in OAHI vocabulary! They told me to take an ethics course! Now if that isn’t hypocritical I don’t know what is!

Lets see one member sending out threats in emails and dragging my family members into the fray, and another senior member standing up at a meeting and stating that Mr. Wand should be shot. Another senior member in the BOE denying one due process and upgrade because he can’t follow the by-laws, nor can his committee members! Nice group of professionals in OAHI, for sure!

James would you happen to know where Head Office is for OAHI? (only kidding) :slight_smile:

Sad to say, I know this only too well.
Let us all hope (come on guys… stop the sarcastic laughing!!!) with the new BOD we have all been informed is in place OAHI will now move ahead to a productive future.
Although in reality, if OAHI could move on, this would help all HI’s to start to look like professionals not the 1960’s used car salesmen tag.


I have heard that line virtually every year since 1991 when I joined! The more things change the more they stay the same. Absolute power corrupts. I appears more are starting to ask where the money has gone and where it’s going. :wink:

I thought they were still asking where head office is?

And quit licking the glue off those stamps…

Like the Tv ad for Capital One credit card… “Whose hand is in your wallet?” :mrgreen:

Gee I think you are just a little too old to still believe in the Tooth fairy .
I was on more then Two committees with OAHI and the only one I saw run correctly was the DPPC with Raymond as the Chair .
He did a great job of getting the information to his committee members and did in no way try to tell us what decision to make or how to make it . Unfortunately The OAHI BOD did the same to this DPPC as they had done to the previous DPPC .
Fired all of us because Raymond would not let them make the decisions.
They saw that they had made a mistake and asked to all stay on .
This only lasted a short while and they almost instantly fired us again.
I went threw and appeal where it was proved that some of the BOD had lied and cheated and I won.
I also went after them for some of my out of pocket expenses and again won.
After seeing how OAHI was run by an OLD BOYS club I decided to not renew my membership.
I have seen nothing to change my mind not a little bit.
They are vindictive and care less about the average new want to be home Inspector except to get their money as much as they can.

Roy Cooke

From a source deep inside OAHI ( aka Deep Throat)

They are looking for a Treasurer. Seems they can’t find one of the newly elected BOD to take on the role. I sure hope their Directors and Officers Liability is paid up for whomever does decide to become the Treasurer. They might want to consider danger pay! :wink:

Its even too hot for the former Treasurer, our good friend Cameron Allen who wrote the White Paper on OAHI finances a few years ago.

Smart move on Cams part! :mrgreen:

Licencing anyone? :roll:

I could always volunteer:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: