Reported to ASTTBC For Misuse of CHI

Self explanatory… strange indeed. I looked around and their are many dual memberships in Oahi and many OAHI-CAHPI members are using Certified Home Inspector (C.H.I). I seem to have been singled out, and clearly with malice. Bias in it tone or what? Found summarily guilty without having the opportunity to explain myself, and scolded for having a membership I am legitimately entitled to.

“The Canadian Home Inspector”

The Spring 2005 issue of the CAHPI magazine “The Canadian Home Inspector” is now available. This first class publication contains information on National news stories, reports from provincial and regional home inspection associations, various educational articles on inspection topics, advertisements and more.

To obtain a copy of this magazine - log on to the “password protected member section” of the OAHI website. Click on News. Then, click on 7, which is the CHI magazine—the prompts will lead you from there.
[COLOR=#000000]So how do you tell who has legitimate credentials? It’s simple: In Ontario, there is only one government recognized professional home inspector accreditation, and that’s Registered Home Inspector, or RHI. [COLOR=#ff0000]Be wary of anyone calling themselves a “Certified Home Inspector,” or “CHI.” No such “legitimate” professional home inspector accreditation exists in Ontario. [/COLOR]To learn more about the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), click here.


***What Will We Receive?

*** A seasoned Certified Home Inspector (CHI) and associate member of OAHI. Your thorough inspector has excellent communication skills, a strong technical background and a desire to ensure each client receives the same high level of customer service. The information will be delivered to you in a concise and easy to understand manner. You will be given a verbal walk through on site as well as a personalized copy of Home Report™. Home Report™ is the most detailed, comprehensive and user friendly reporting system in the industry. A **camera **is used by the inspector for the roof and attic areas to enable clients to “see” areas the inspector cannot take you to.

About C.H.I.

The founder, Wayne Christopher, has over 25 years of residential building and renovation experience in southcentral and southwestern Ontario.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Marco Ganassini is the only person in the province of Ontario to have all of the following designations: RHI. Registered Home Inspector, AScT. Applied Science Technologist in Building Construction, CHI. Certificate in Home Inspections from George Brown College

What about OAHI “Approved” CHI courses via Seneca College, Carson Dunlop…

         **Willy Freeman**

HomeGauge Name: willfree (Visit Web Site)
Inspection FIRST Inc
Cambridge, ON 519-650-3555 Qualifications:
Certified by Nachi, Certified by AHIT, Member of Caphi-Ontario, Member of OAHI Associate level
about: Over 3 decades of construction, restoration, renovations and repairs. Master in Building Repair, Certified Restorer,

A seasoned Certified Home Inspector (CHI) and associate member of OAHI.

Don Daley - It is NACHI’s commitment to make sure that your home inspection requirements are treated well and good. The NACHI’ standards of practice provides inspection guidelines, and their code of conduct deinfes the member’s responsibility to act in a strictly fair, impartial and professional manner. NACHI is a body of inspectors who regulates the performance of home inspectors in the area.

Tim Purtill - NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) is another voluntary regulatory body for the home inspection industry. This association was founded in 1990 and, as of 2004, has approximately 9400 members worldwide. NACHI promotes the improvement of home inspector qualifications and high ethical standards in North America. They are also working hard to help inspectors grow their businesses and improve their business practices.



Results for NACHI05121591 Name: Tom Woolley Contact: E-Mail Tom Woolley NACHI ID: NACHI05121591 City: Mississauga State/Province: ON Country Canada Certification Status: Valid through January 14th, 2007
[SIZE=2]The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is a non-profit organization helping home inspectors maintain inspection excellence. For more information about NACHI, visit [/SIZE]

[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Alan Bell - We have been inspecting for 4 years, the last 3 years as 4 Seasons Home Inspection Ltd. Before that time as a General Contractors both framing and finish, Drywall & Plaster, Masonry, Electrical, Heating, Plumbing. This alone has given us a great amount of knowledge.[/SIZE][ul]
[li][SIZE=2]Completed Residential Home Inspection course at Durham College until June 04 [/li][li]Completed OBC Part 9 Building Envelope May 04 [/li][li]Completed WETT certification for Code Compliance and Inspection May 04 [/li][li]Completed OAHI Defect Recognition courses [/li][li]Completed NACHI certification courses 2004 [/li][li]Completed Caron Dunlop courses in Heating, Cooling Electrical,Plumbing and Roofing [/li][li]Currently enrolled in PHII home inspection training course [/li][li]Several years of general contracting, with good electrical and plumbing experience [/li][li]OAHI applicant member since 2004 [/li][li]NACHI member since 2003 [/li][li][SIZE=2]Independent contractor since 2002 [/li][/SIZE][/SIZE][/ul]And many more when you start looking around.


Looks more like a warning to me Ray. For some reason I don’t think they like you :slight_smile:

Sounds more then a warning. They already reported me, no warning nothing.

Hi Ray,

So what are you going to do?

What do you suppose is going to happen?

I like how they reference the forum,…what posts are they referencing. It has to be something relate to CHI,… or unless its just a blanket statement about all the negative posts about OAHI.

It smells like punishment/payback for your negative words about OAHI!

Looks to me like OAHI is trying to be a vigilante. I wonder who they think they are to take the law into there own hands.
They should be ashamed of them selves this is about as low as you can go .
They are the people who do not follow their own laws and the laws of the Government and now they have shown they do not have any morals.

Shame on you OAHI you have no scruples at all.

For other uses, see Vigilante (disambiguation).
A vigilante is someone who takes enforcement of law or moral code into his or her own hands. The term vigilante stems from the name “Vigiles Urbani” given to the nightwatchmen of Ancient Rome who were tasked with fighting fires and keeping a lookout for runaway slaves and burglars. In modern Western society, the term is frequently applied to those citizens who “take the law into their own hands,” meting out “frontier justice” when they perceive that the actions of established authorities are insufficient. Vigilantism is sometimes vilified when it gives way to criminal behavior on the part of the vigilante.
Vigilantism has existed in some form for as long as there have been societies with weak law enforcement. In some cases, like Neo-Nazis or the Sombra Negra discussed below, the desire to impose the groups own values on individuals in society leads to vigilantism. In the United States in the first half of the nineteenth century, vigilantism took the form of lynch mobs. More recent examples of criminal vigilantism include the Neo-Nazis and other hate groups.

Added… My openion from my experience as a member of OAHI
I think that if the OAHI Directors wish to see what the problem is they just need to look in the Mirror

do you seriously think ASTTBC will spend the money needed to pursue this matter here in Ontario? Considering all the other individuals who are using CHI I would think that ASTTBC will do nothing or at best send you a nasty letter. Way to costly, even for them I would think.

Hi Wolf, Chris, et al:

I have removed the acronym NACHI from my site, along with CHI.

I also suggest everyone else do the same.

Now Craig and I have been treated the same. Definetly bias and prejudice and malice in the tone of the letter.
Definetly outside the scope of the by-laws and not even remotely connected in anyway shape or form with COE, or SOP.

                                      Ray, why do you suggest this??

Because CHI or any part of it in the acronym is considered to be proctected that is Certified House/Home Inspector (CHI) and or any part or full words NA(CHI) in Canada as alluded to ASTTBC. Besides OAHI has already reported me. Others have been clearly warned first, so the precedent has been set by OAHI in that regard.


You took NACHI right off your site?

So the debate begins…

I changed my advertising to say “Certified Residential Inspector”, and I have also used " NACHI Certified Inspector". Does anyone see any issues with these? Has NACHI secured a good title for us here in Canada? Is NACHI aware its members are being threatened for using this designation?

Ray isnt the NACHI logo trademarked?

I don’t know whether NACHI is TM. But I do know that CHI is a Registered and protected Trademark or any part thereof.

That is completely absurd. I think it’s shameful how you all are being treated.

Wendy, you are right. What is equally shameful is that it is now evident that Nick and NACHI have washed their hands of all concern for Canadian members.
I will be thinking long and hard before I renew my membership. I suggest all other Canadian Home Inspectors do the same.

I would love to see the ASTTBC take on Nick and Nachi.

What do you mean, in detail (pm if needed) George? :frowning:

This is just priceless, so they can’t control you and your views so they are seeking someone else to do it!!! What a farse.

They even openly admit it at that, are they that worried about NACHI?

They are threatening your right to earn a living and how many years have you been doing inspections!!! Alot longer then most that I know of.

This stinks to high heaven, it just goes to show


**[size=2]What are they so afraid of? Is it the national certification? Is it NACHI?
Is it Nick? Are NACHI inspectors better? Is their enrollment down?
Their courses not being filled? The facts being aired on a public forum?


I can’t believe that they won’t let you use NACHI because it contains CHI. Oh my word! The whole thing is a crock o’ ****!