Chicago Chapter Meeting

Just returned from another standing room only Chicago chapter meeting. As always top notch inspectors, cameraderie AND Nick! We spent a great deal of time talking. He’s a great guy who really does care about the success of NACHI members. We had a blast.

Erol Kartal

Erol, it was great to finally meet you. Full house, even though we had a Chicago storm that kept me circling above O’Hare until we ran out of fuel. I finally quit at 1:45 am but Russ and a bunch were still going strong at the bar. The Education Committee is putting together a series of great courses for Il and they are doing the Chapter paper too. What a strong chapter!

Glad you could make it Nick. Snow in Chicago is very rare last few years. Great bunch at this chapter. Russell is one of the first home inspectors in Chicago. Next time bring that Bowman guy again.

Erol Kartal

Nick it was great to have you in town . They finally kicked us out of the bar at 2:00 , so we brought it out to the parking lot until well after the wee hours. Great plans coming forth from the Chicago-NACHI chapter . Again thanks nick for speaking and giving great words of inspiration and new ideas!

Did you drive thru White Castle on the way home? :shock:

\:D/ Where’s the bloody pictures, Pat?

Lights in my eyes all night and no one posts them?

Oh, you guys stayed out. Probably too blasted to work your PCs. Mighty Whitey One Bites (White Castle hamburgers, in Chicago slang, also called Sliders) will do that to you.

Hope this helps;

Sounds like I missed quite a party!

Nick said he wants to come back for Chicago style pizza (that’s if he didn’t wander the streets last night and find a pie or two). Maybe we can have Lou Malnati’s delivered to the meeting. :cool:

Erol Kartal

The 2nd BEST Chicago style pizza is found at Edwardos. 1 1/2 inch thick. I have been known to send out one (they will FedEx one overnight. Everyone knows that reheated pizza is the best!) to inspectors who have been VERY good. :mrgreen:

The BEST Chicago style pizza is served at only one place. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders in Lincoln Park. The have these 8" diameter ceramic crocks that they fill with your desired toppings. Then, they place this special pizza dough (can you say ‘flaky’) over the top. The bake it. Then they bring it to the table, turn it over and pry the cooked and flaky dough away from the crock. It is a pizza (3-5’ deep) and, at the same time, kind of a thick pizza soup. Give it about 5-10 minutes to set and you got yourself a real meal.

Speaking as an ordained minister of the Gospel, it is HEAVEN on earth.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder will have the franchise during the Millenium!

Good and sloppy, too!

Nick. Any time. Just let me know. :mrgreen:

Come to think of it, the Chicago chapter should have our meetings there!

PLEEEEEESE Russ. Can we? Huh? Can we? PLEEEEEEEEESE! I will be good, I promise! I will write courses till the bovines are prodigal. I promise. Pleeeeese? Huh? Can we? Can we???

Will I agree it’s good stuff. However they don’t have a parking lot that we can party in afterwards.

I’m more a Gino’s East kind of guy!


Thanks for taking my back.

I am (with Russ’s permission) instituing the ‘associate membership’ to the Chicago Chapter of NACHI. Any member of another NACHI chapter (and you have to prove it! After all, this IS Chicago) who comes to Chicago for a chapter meeting, I will PERSONALLY take to the aforementioned establishment for dinner, on me.

(Plus, it is a way to serve my addiction for this apex or Pizza, AND have it tax deductable. You WILL back me up on this (the tax deductable part), won’t you, Nick?)

If that is not a challange, I don’t know what is. :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot guys. :twisted:

You have forced me into a position where I must now go out and stuff my face. :wink:


Whatever floats your boat.

Remember: I arising tide floats all boats. :mrgreen:

The weather scared me off, other wise I had plans to attend. Looks like I missed a doosy! Next time for sure. It doesn’t snow in April does it?

You forget…This is Chicago…The weather changes to extreme…you never know.:smiley:


I’ve got to agree with Will Decker, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company is the BEST pizza in Chicago. I came upon it back in the 70’s (munchies) and continue to go there today.