Join me at InterNACHI's Inspection Success Seminar in Chicago on Feb 25, 2009. $20.

You guys must be barnstorming ,as I was going to hit Milwaukee on the 24th.
Just saved me the 90 mile drive.

Rober writes:

Just cost me the 90 mile drive.

I’m driving from Milwaukee to Chicago. That’s why we booked them back to back.

Watch out for the potholes when you get here.
It is like driving on the moon.

I’m signed up and looking forward to a great seminar on increasing my bookings. Brilliant!


Just registered - looking forward to it!

Nick Looking forward to meeting you.

We’ll have a blast! :smiley:

I hope not,as the hotel is right next to the methane mountain.(garbage)
All the neighbors are getting something like $375 checks for having to smell it everyday of their lives.
This was just announced last week.

Im coming from Indiana, cant wait to meet some of you.

Who picked the venue!!



I will be looking for you guys, Nick and Dominic. It will be fun.

:(dude— DOWNER…

Bob, the smell is almost gone, it’s being pumped. the $400.00 was for when it was open not for the future, they are pumping the methane to some place.

I hope you know there are a few good punchlines I could use on you right now.

If you leave yourself that open…

Lucky for you I am only blowin smoke.

So I guess I have to get someone else to watch my dog Rick?

Nah, bring him along.

I havent recieved a confirmation that I paid. Has anybody else?

I will be there, Orange shirt and all.

Having seen Nick, in action, many times, I can highly recommend this seminar.

Slow times for all, but this is the cure.

Hope this helps;