Chicago chapter site causing us to pour energy into new sites.

A problem getting the Chicago Chapter site updated made me realize that some chapters don’t have access to edit the content on their own chapter site.

Roberta Dulay makes nice, robust NACHI Chapter sites with simple editing for chapter heads.

However, I talked to Chris and we have decided to work on a simple chapter site system with a simple editor so that all chapters will have at least something. We start work on it tomorrow. I had no idea that there still exists sites where you have to get the webmaster to make ever change. Sorry. Within a month, one way or the other, all chapter heads will have their own chapter sites and be able to edit their own chapter sites as they see fit, whenever they like.

Way to go Nick!

Nick, we dint need so much…may I make a couple of suggestions?

  1. Calendar that would tie in with the main NACHI site. In other words, from the NACHI site we would have a calendar which displays ALL chapter events…then click on one of them and it goes to that Chapters website.

  2. Dynamic Map that shows all other State Chapters…this way if the visitor ends up at the wrong site they can select the correct Chapter.

  3. Ability to “SELECT” from ACTIVE NACHI Members Database to add them to our “Chapter Members”.

  4. Ability to update Chapter Leaders.

  5. A section for “News” and “Articles”

  6. Update a Photo Album of past events

Well that should keep Chris busy for a bit…not really!

We already completed this project a while back in preparation:

Time we get back on it.

Great Start! Who dropped the ball?

Me, but if it is any consolation… I picked up 6 others.

Juggling as well Nick?

Talk about multitasking and multitalented :slight_smile:

Is Roberta still going to be working on my site then, or should I expect one of the new ones?

Harvey. Thank you for being a consumate professional. two-thumbs-up

Those are VERY NICE Nick! I like them alot!

The NY FingerLakes chapter is thoroughly satisfied with their site. Everything mentioned above is already done, plus we can totally administrate it, without using the webmaster. Our webmaster Coleen Purdy Morrison is the best. Prompt and attentive to all of our needs.

Take a look for yourself:

I would say Coleen is about the best of the best.

Here is more about it:

An idea that is very welcomed, Nick;
I have had to make changes through Impact Marketing for 3 years, in Colorado & Idaho.

On our site there seems to be only one page for each topic ???
Is that all that Roberta allows the chapters ???
Also about a month ago I told her that I had more members that I wanted to put on the site and she said she would look into it, because I have no more room on the first page and cannot add any more. Can you let me know what the problem is.

Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]:roll:

Len, you have unlimited pages on your site. To add a page, log in to your content management system and click on Create New Document in the Docs section. If the pages you are trying to build exceed the page length allowed on your template, you can either select a different template or you can split the page into multiple pages (which is actually better from a search engine standpoint as it creates a deeper web site).

What I tried to mentioned to you at the convention in passing is that we wrote a new Member module for chapter web site which lets you list your members easily using a module instead of having to write it in static HTML. For additional assistance, or to get this module added to your site, please contact me directly via email (much quicker way to get a response than posting a question in the boards).




I just updated our Greater Milwaukee Chapter site and all of a sudden the site is no longer accessible.

The who is database for the domain says that th record was updated yesterday.

What’s the deal??

Yeah, I put one together there and placed a link on it to the other site for now (since it is back up).