NACHI chapter sites about to integrate with Google Maps and PayPal.

NACHI is integrating its chapter sites with Google Maps and PayPal so that event attendees can pre-register and download directions to every meeting. This will allow chapter heads to collect the necessary funds to finance each meeting too.

That’s an excellent idea! Makes it so much easier for people to register.

Very Interesting Nick,
Will the current Grassfrog sites be able to be included as well?

No. NACHI only has the ability to upgrade NACHI chapter sites.

Many more upgrades in the works and a trend toward utilizing them to market NACHI members locally is growing.

Ok, Thanks for the reply Nick.


Can Chris provide links and HTML code (JAVA, maybe) to the Chapters who own their own domain name (like us).

That would helps.

Actually you can go into google maps. Seach for a location and then link to it within your website.

Like this:,+Brookfield,+WI+53005+(Courtyard-Milwaukee+Brookfield)+%4043.036990,-88.121293&saddr=Brookfield,+WI&f=l&hl=en&dq=hotel+loc:+Brookfield,+WI&cid=43036990,-88121293,11606395667292211195&ie=UTF8&z=14&om=1

Thanks Dave.

Now why didn’t I think of that? :mrgreen:



Will the older chapter sites, such as , be included in the mix?

You could do it yourself or link back and forth to the site on the nachi server.

Hi Leonard,

Grassfrog chapter sites have always had that capability (this is not rocket science, just a ten minute code implementation). Unfortunately, Nick informed me last month that NACHI is no longer sponsoring chapter sites from outside vendors, and is currently in arrears for chapter website hosting on several of the existing sites he previously ordered. So, it looks like all the individual chapter sites will have to be moved anyhow, unless chapter leaders wish to discuss other hosting options like direct billing or advertising sponsorships.

We will be contacting all of our chapter clients over the next few weeks to see how they would like to proceed. If anyone wishes to discuss their chapter site sooner, please contact me directly.

Hope this addresses your questions.