FREE NACHI Chapter websites for ANY member who wants them.

Let’s use this message board thread as a tech support forum for the chapter websites. I have admin function access to any chapter site any member creates and so can help you if you get stuck.

Use your site primarily to:

  1. List all the members in your chapter (I recommend you list them smack on the home (about) page.

  2. Announce upcoming chapter events.

and coming soon…

  1. The Chapter Officer/Member section will permit inter-chapter announcement and communication between fellow chapter members.

Remember: Any NACHI member is permitted to form his/her own chapter and so now can also create his/her own chapter site. You do not have to have an upcoming meeting to create a chapter site. The purpose of these sites (in part) is to provide yet another way for members to promote themselves locally. Create yours today.

The officers/members section will also soon automatically create a member list page for you. The system’s still being worked on.

GREAT job Chris.

Now the chapters can post their own events in a more timely manner.

One request. Could we have more editing options for the window (color, paste, etc).



I’ll be adding more editing features over time. I’m hesitant to add some features (such as font and color) for fear that you’ll actually use 'em (there’s a reason I’m a Web designer and y’all are home inspectors–bright green Comic Sans is probably not a great design choice :p).

That said, I am working on a few more editing features (most namely links and images). We’re also going to be adding more data to the theme system that will allow for a few tasteful color and font options while still ensuring the overall design scheme stays intact.

Things like copy and paste already work with the standard Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (or Command+C and Command+V on Mac) keyboard shortcuts.


I’ve referenced this thread in the instructions at Do me a favor, if you see something that should be added to the instructions or some way to make the instructions clearer, let me know so I can fix.

I threw in a couple different font colors in in a cheap attempt to try to get Chris’ goose.


Big Reminder: The Find A Certified NACHI Inspector link on every page of every chapter site points to consumer directed Members can edit their contact information on this site (and every other NACHI-owned site instantly) from their member profile editor at and can add the ancillary services offered in from

I just wanted to thank Beccah Levine again for the fantastic chapter Web site templates. Beccah is going to start updating the existing site templates with more color and font choices (among other things) next month.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Now I can take the page off of my website and link it to here for our chapter info.
I will get started on it first thing tomorrow morning:mrgreen:

Chris is also working on allowing us to use our own URLs (domain names) instead of the one the system creates, so you can have for example.

You can see all the chapter sites that have been set up at:



I’ll add to

Cool, Nick!

I’ve started working on

FingerLakes site added.

Nice site John!

If anybody is having trouble putting together their chapter websites please contact me The sites are fairly easy to put together but dont hesitant to ask for assistance if you need it.

Hi all,

With the announcment of NH Lakes and Mountains NACHI Chapter!!


Good one Carla. Which you luck. If you need any help of advice,please lety me know.

Hope you can get some ideas from our Chapter’s web site, .

Great common meeting place for announcments and listing of chapter members names and info.

Also recommend that you add links touseful info, It gives the inspectors (and the public) resources, as well as boosting your pages ratings.

I also link to .

Hope this helps.

Hops this helps.