Chicago Home Inspectors

The NACHI Chicagoland Chapter has, organically (i.e., without paying for keywords or any other SEO service) reached # 1 in the Google rankings.

According to Google Analitics, our monthly increase was over 80%.

Join the Chapter, support it, get quality CE (at a lower price) and get listed on our web site.

With the market down, our Google (as well as MSN and Yahoo) rankings are up and our visability as well.

Check it out for yourselves. Google “Chicago Home Inspectors” and see. Our organic ranking is # 1.

BTW: Please take the time to click on the link, and on the “find and inspector” link. It helps.

NACHI. Changing the old paradigms, and doing so for less.

Google started dancing again yesterday Will.
Hard to say where it may end up ,but it did get up there.

Have you done anything special on the site?

Just added content and adjusted the keywords.

Have a friend who helps to manage the algo. He sends me hints and secrets.

Helps that I have been doing this for some 20 years.

Right now I see Bob as #1 and the Chapter as #2 (though your rankings will be different based on server and location)

Nice job guys!

There is a certain national safety standard Chicago Home Inspectors go by when examining a property, which helps insure protection of people and property. - 49k - Cached - Similar pages

Our members are licensed by the State of Illinois and Certified by the largest national home inspection association in the world, with the highest standards - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Nice to know I am#1 in sunshine land.
Unfortunately for me, I see me at #9 for Chicago home inspectors,but I never concentrated on those tags till my new site in progress.

Just got over my writers block today.

Do we have a Central Illinois Chapter??? I would love the chance to meet up with some local guys, but the Chi is 3 hours from the capital city.

Matt, Make sure to drive up for Wednesday’s Success Seminar!