Chicago Pro Lab Mold Cert

We just completed our Mold Cert. class. Thanks Mold Pro and Doug Caprio for a great presentation.

PC080006 (Small).JPG


You can’t do that Linas, Pro-Lab just donated $100K for NACHI TV!:stuck_out_tongue:

I worked for a guy years ago and he said show me a person who never makes a mistake and I will show you a person who does FXXXX ALL . I must do a lot because I make lots of Mistakes . Roy


I have what I call “A THREE MISTAKE RULE” if I make 3 mistakes at work I pack up my tools and I go home.

It had to do with a “3” rule. Mine was 3 rum and Cokes before I made the post.:stuck_out_tongue:


Just messing with you!!:smiley: