I have been having a lot of problems with them lately. I just wanted to hear from some of you that are using someone else. Please let me know who you use and how your experience has been.


I’ve had absolutely no problems with them since I began using them about 2 years ago.


Emlab is great. Prolab called my voice mail 3 times wanting me to use them.

Greg…call me.

Greg, my cell line is free on weekends, too . . .


Is anyone taking advantage of pro labs offer with mold certification? I guess it was being offered at the convention in Florida, half price.

I wish they would stop calling me

I took the Convention courses both days.

The classroom was packed.

ESA’s, Mr. Bernie Katz, made the actually presentation, sponsored by Pro Lab

I went into the class knowing very little about mold, came out very knowledgeable.

Would highly recommend the course to all members.

That’s the same class I took through our local NACHI chapter. Very knowledgeable.

Pro Lab seems to be spending a lot of time and money having their reps call wanting us to buy, but won’t take the initiative to listen to our real needs. I asked my rep about some replacement petri dishes, and she said that she might be able to talk her boss into it if I were to place an order.

I’ve been in business for a long time, and have never treated customers like they do. I am truly customer service oriented–truly…Not i’ll help ya out if ya buy more from me.

It is awesome to have a forum where we can voice our concerns, and know that the companies we’re dealing with are reading it…hehehehe.

So please share… what have you guys heard or know about Pro-Lab???

HI Greg!

Speaking from a personal point of view. as a “private” inspector Po lab has made a lot of promises and not kept any of them.

I have lost a lot of money dealing with them. :twisted:

I use EMSL because they have a service center here in Charleston, I can use their equipment or they’ll calibrate mine; and Jason McDonald is a great guy here to deal with.

I Highly Recommend them… :smiley:

I know they lost thier certification for Radon here in NYS but they are using a third party. It just takes another day or so to get the results back.
The other deal was if you get a person down there out of thier box, it is a run around the rosey with them.


I too wish they would take no for an answer…They won’t stop calling (sales calls).

Folks, I have to recant my prior post. After seeing this post, the Vice President of Marketing from PRO LAB called. They have made the difference up to me, and listened to some other issues–also making changes where needed.

Now, being a quite sizeable company, I couldn’t ask for more. After all, I am just a minute amount of 1/10% of their business, and they care enough to take care of me.

I was a bit hasty to call them out, and for that I have to apologize!!!

Thanks PRO LAB!!!

Same type of issues, same lack of response…Then I get a phone Call from the company President / CEO JamesMcDonnellIV.

I talked, he listened, and he “acted” instead of “re-acted”

I am once more a “happy” customer.:smiley:

I just placed an order on-line. The advertised discount prices did not show on the final invoice, nor on the e-mail confirmation. In trying to contact Pro-Lab by phone, the customer service option was unavailable, and the order line just keeps ringing. Did I make a mistake, starting my business with these people???
James West
J & E Home Inspection

Today is the 4th of July! No one would be in the office today. Try them again tomarrow.


Don’t worry Pro-lab will make it right. It just may take a little time.