Chicago Sun-Times: Infrared is X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray inspects; Contact your home inspector for technology that

Chicago Sun-Times, Oct 19, 2007 by Angie Hicks

   	 	  	 Steve Katz set his sights on a 3,100-square-foot home in Bucktown this past June, but before he would sign on the dotted line, he was wishing he could see behind the walls for any problems that might be lurking there. Turns out Katz is in luck because new thermal image cameras used by home inspectors allows them to literally see through the walls. 

“Visual inspections can only reveal so much,” said Frank Lesh, owner of Home Sweet Home Inspection Co. in Indian Head Park and president of the American Society of Home Inspectors, Des Plaines. “This technology allows us to see behind the walls without being destructive.”

Read the rest of article here (this article also quotes InterNACHI member Will Decker)

Yes, John, we just have to learn how to use our new “super powers” accurately. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what worries me.
Billy .D you media ho. lol (just kidding)

I kept telling the author that thermal imaging DOES NOT see through walls and is NIT x-ray.

But, you know writers. Not interested in the facts, only a good story.

And this, from Angie’s list, purportedly a consumer advocate.

I have had a number of calls from people who wanted the 'X-Ray" inspection, and I have tried to explain to them that the author was “full of it”. These people got very purturbed and (chose to) not believe me.

I guess, if it’s in the newspaper, its right. :mrgreen:

Go figure.

Will… the inspector websites (some of them include that claim)

Here is one example from a big time inspector whom admits it is only a temp difference meter, yet calls it x ray
ASHI not NACHI by the way.

At least he is business savvy enough to “Sell” the service and not give it away for FREE.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: $149 HomeXraySM offer is good only on homes that are 3000 square feet or smaller, and requires the purchase of a Home Inspection at regular price. The HomeXraySM must be performed at the same time as the Home Inspection or additional trip charges may apply. No other discounts or offers may be used in conjunction with this offer. This price is offered for a limited time only and may end without notice.

That appears to be the going rate. ($125-$150 extra)

He can run his business, and I will run mine.

Hope he has some real good E&O insurance.

On second thought, I don’t beleive that E&O insurance protects one against fraud.

Some people are WAY to clever for their own good.