NACHI and Will Decker featured in Chicago Sun Times article on infrared inspections.,HOF-News-angies19.article

While publicity is great, I have an issue with the title of this article:

" Angie’s List | Contact your home inspector for technology that looks through your walls"

“Visual inspections can only reveal so much,” said Frank Lesh, owner of Home Sweet Home Inspection Co. in Indian Head Park and president of the American Society of Home Inspectors, Des Plaines. “This technology allows us to see behind the walls without being destructive.”

IR cameras DO NOT look through walls. This can be misleading to the general public.


Guess I will take that imaging course for 3 CE credits that he is giving next month.
Twice in the last 10 days I refered Will where the camera was needed.
Get better Bud, we missed you at the meeting.

I get hits almost every day on my website with people interested and have booked quite a few HI’s and moisture intrusion inspections specifically due to IR.

Kevin R.
Did you get the FLIR B360? If so, how is it? Any images to post?

BTW, right on target about not seeing thru walls. Expectations like that can get folks into serious trouble.

Nope, not yet. Although I have my sights on it. I may wait until after the holidays to take the plunge.

It has a price tag of 15,750.00.


I have decided to go ahead and spend the money on one myself.


I went to grat lengths to inform her of that. But you know journalists :wink: . They have a habit of going with the ‘sexiest’ story that they can, as opposed to the truth.

Just glad she quoted Frank on the “See behind walls” thing. That wat, he’s the one that gets sued.

I tried. :wink:

Any NACHI gus, in my area, I would be happy (at just gas money cost) to help you out if you get a call that needs thermal imaging. I helped Mark Roe out, this morning.

Hope this helps;

I understand :slight_smile: