Children and Pets attending the inspection

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I just obtained my NY license but I’ve been assisting on inspections for years and I’m also a licensed real estate agent.

Does anyone have a clause in their inspection agreement that prohibits children and pets from attending the inspection? Not only is it a liability issue, but the inspector is bound to miss something if distracted.

I’m about to start my own business and want to know if any of you have addressed this issue. Thanks, Erick

I have done inspections with kids and/or pets present. I have not found it to be a problem. But you can set whatever rules you are comfortable with.


You’re going to get all kinds of distractions, owners at home working, on conference calls, workers on site doing who-knows-what, etc. Worry about your process and keep your focus on whatever your doing. You can’t prevent all the “noise” that occurs in many of these inspections.


Can’t see telling the client who they can bring. They might not have any one to watch the kids. Haven’t had any problems, just something you work around


Kids and pets give you a good mechanism to bond/create a relationship with a potential new client (the seller).

If it’s the client who brings pets and kids, I would not allow the pets into the home but the kids can help create conversation and also give you a way to establish a good relationship with your client.


Pets are a definite no for me…last thing I need is fido lifting his leg on someone else’s sofa…only had one issue with too many friends and family showing up…client showed up with soo many people it looked like a wedding reception. I told my client I was going to sit in my truck for ten minutes and if the herd wasn’t thinned to two or three I was heading home… problem solved…


I had an agent bring her dog to an occupied house.


Why are your clients attending the inspection while you are doing the inspection? Clients should attend at the end of your inspection when you have something to go over with them….the issues in the report and in the house. I have had some clients show up during the inspection and I have politely asked them to return at the specified time, or sit in their car and wait. The client gets an advanced email conformation with the time for them to meet at the property. That minimizes the distractions. But yes, you will have some homes with the sellers present with many other possible distractions….gotta keep your focus.


Wow. I guess everyone has their own methods. My business is not near established enough to ever treat my customers like that. And it never will be as far as I’m concerned.

If the client shows up early, I just go with the flow. Tell them to go take another look around while i finish up, etc. Or tag along, no big deal. I just warn them that they may be awfully bored following me around!


I’ve had clients through the whole inspection. We actually recommend the client attend when possible. They get to see how detailed you are, plus it’s easier to point something out there and then. Clients have kids, that’s fine, no different than bringing another family member or friend. Kids like getting pens, pencils, notepads, flashlights, etc… I haven’t had a client who wanted to bring their pets as of yet. However, I’ve done inspections where sellers pets stayed home. :slight_smile:

“JR did an amazing job. He went above and beyond what was expected. He was extremely thorough and it didn’t even bother him that I also had to bring my 2 year old to the inspection, who got in the way often and was all over the place. He was patient, and I appreciate the amount of effort he put in for us.”


We used to say, “The customer always comes first.” What’s the world coming to? Just went on a final walk through before settlement. Older lady whom I had done two separate condo inspections for. She offered me money and I declined. Took me ten minutes and was 5 minutes from the house. Courtesy is remembered far more often than your report!


I would not put it in the agreement, they are not going to read it anyway.

I set up expectations up front. I encourage them to attend. I just tell them a good time to come. Usually 30 minutes before I wrap.

If they are there the whole time, I just tell them I’m going to break away and for them to continue looking, and we’ll reconnect when I wrap up the outside. Then I do it again for the interior.


Maybe because they are the one who is paying me. If I told potential clients that they could not attend I would lose way more than half of my inspections.


I would rather my clients be on site and follow me asking questions than spending 2 hours on the phone answering their questions about the report once they have it. Never had a on site client call me after getting my report.

As far as children and pets, I do request through agents that sellers should secure pets that could be an obstruction. Kids, I don’t mind. I carry a fly swatter…just kidding. :wink:


I was going to type a response and then realized this was exactly what I was going to say. Telling a buyer to stay out the THEIR prospective house? IMO, you’d have to work in a pretty inspector-scarce market to pull that off.

I dislike it when the clients AREN’T at the house. Your liability is greatly reduced if you can form some relationship to them and explain what you’re doing and what they are buying. If you can’t do an inspection with your client in the house you picked the wrong profession. Pets and kids? Sure, they are a distraction but in 21+ years I can’t remember a specific instance that they really hindered me getting my job done.


Let me rephrase that… Why are your clients attending the inspection while you are inspecting? I always invite my clients to attend at the end of the inspection. When I am busy doing the inspection, I cannot have distractions from the client, or any dogs, children, or people they bring with them. I take the time to be with them when I’m finished.

I give them a clipboard of paper and a tape measure and tell them that I have a routine that I follow so I don’t miss things.

If they have a question to write it down and I will answer it when I get there or to wait until I am done typing to answer their question, if they are near me.

Otherwise, I will be glad to answer any questions and explain stuff at the end when we go over the report highlights.

I worked well for me.


Good for you… You do you. For me, when the client shows up I want them to be my number one sole priority and give them all of my attention. I don’t want to be going around typing on my iPad, taking pictures or doing anything other than giving them all of my attention, going through the report and walking through the house. I also offer them an opportunity to take any photos of the rooms as well as providing a tape measure to measure any areas for furniture… All this is done after I complete the inspection. That’s why I have the client show up at the end of the inspection.

I did do me and for good reason…most of my clients loved being there with me as I inspected.

I asked them what THEY would prefer. And, it got me more business because of it.


If my client asks can I be there, I tell them absolutely yes.
This is your inspection.