Chimney falling....

I happen to drive by this particular house in Lawrence, Ma. when I go to get some Spring Water. I’m taking bets on when this chimney will fall. I’m guessing this year some time.

I’m surprised to see that the homeowner is blinded by this deadly issue…

“Click to enlarge”

What a wonderful chimney


What’s within the fall path/landing area?

Could be a video moment “with a little help from my friends”](

nice pic David good thing we don’t miss the obvious huh?


Is it just me or does anyone else want to give that thing a little shove to see what happens???

I have to admit, I thought the same thing.

Well, the gap between the chimney and the wall is too large for caulk, suggest wraping the whole house in duct tape to prevent the gap from increasing.
*I believe the Italians in Piza may have some suggestions :slight_smile: *


Are you sure it’s the chimney?:shock:
If you tilt your head just a bit, well it could be the house.:mrgreen:

Gotta be the house.
'What a wonderful chimney"?

Everytime I ride by the house, I’m seeing it inch out even further. I’m just trying to pinpoint a date of collapse.

July 14th 2008 is my guess

How do you know it’s not falling up, with that cute little notch in the roof just waiting for it? :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you all updated on the movement over the next few months.

Why not call the city. How would you feel if kids were hurt when it fell and you had prior knowledge.:frowning:

Have you left a card with the homeowner?

We should start a pool on the fall date.
Chris said July 14, 2008. My guess is a little sooner, after the spring thaw…April 27th.

The building dept was contacted several months ago and I haven’t seen anything done to it yet.

I did my job of reporting it, it’s not my job to stand by the chimney and direct people around it or to properly cordon it off.

When it does finally fall, you will all see the results here…LIVE.

Nice work.

FYI I’ll take May 11th - Mother’s Day

4/4/08…2:30 pm…


Why not stop and notify the owner about it or leave a note with your card attached. I couldn’t just drive by something like that even once without stopping and trying to help/notify the owner. If the town/city hasn’t done anything, someone has to.

Is it a vacant house or an elder person living there?