Chimney Height

**Does a masonry chimney of a certain height require bracing? If so what are the height requirments.
This one was recently built and has no bracing at the roof.

I tried my hardest to open the access to review the flue in the basement.(That is open at the exterior with no cap)

13 year old mid efficiency 100,000 BTU furnace and hot water tank vent up the chimney. How many years till they rebuild another chimney?

100607 046 (Small).jpg

If memory serves me, i believe you need bracing above 12 ft. Regardless, your jurisdiction will have their own requirements, as you can imagine the requirements out on the west coast will be a lot more stringent due to earth quakes.

This one seems to have been causght in a Twister

Jason is correct. For us in Canada its 12ft (11’ 10" actually) but personally I see way too many single flue chinmeys way less than 12’ yet in desparate need of addional support. Look for cracks in the chimney at or near the roof line especially.