Masonry chimney guy-support

At what point/height is guy-support required for a masonry chimney?

How high/wide can an unsupported masonry chimney be?

Are measurements taken from the ridge or eave side?

Any charts, codes, or other info would help.

This picture was thrown in as a joke.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see anything wrong.

It hasn’t, like, fallen down or anything, has it?
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If the roof ridge is more than 3 feet below it, that huge missing section could be considered an alternative for a rain cap…

I don’t think there is a requirement for support. I will check my code book. If I remember correctly if the chimney is that high it is supposed to come up through the roof wide and be corbelled down to a smaller size.

I just checked and the code says bracing is required if the height is greater than 11’ above the masonry part of the wall. code ref