Chimney metal height & brick chimney height



my question is height 3-2-10 rule
I am on the roof top patio of 3 floor condo building in Chicago (yes that is Wrigley Field in the background)

chimneys looks to close together and from the roof line from my view point…

This may be what you are looking for.

Nice, :+1:

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David, I think your illustration is for plumbing venting.

Yes, you are right. Sorry, Julie.

my question than should be is the chimney not high enough in both area?

Needs to be 2 feet above anything within 10 feet IF within 8 feet of a vertical wall or similar OR >12" in diameter.

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Looks like this must also be 2 feet above the adjacent roof line.


Brian, that first pic (3foot where passes through the roof) is for none gas appliance. I’m assuming, based on what the vent looks like, the appliance is gas.

From my point of view they look ok, you can see they’ve both been extended once, my guess is to get proper clearance over/from that door.

everyone thank you

Let’s not forget the additional bracing required for over 5 feet above the roof deck or other attachments.