Unsupported Sectional Chimney Height?

Ignore the brick chimney on the right. It’s already a reported defect with an oil fired forced air furnace sharing the same flue as a supplemental wood fired forced air furnace. Creosote is type of liner, right?

I’m concerned at what height is a sectional chimney needs support? Guy wires or otherwise. This one measured from the high side is at 93". It’s a DLR (doesn’t look right) to me. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Below is what I say in my report along with the attached pic.

· **Repair:**The metal chimney should be braced in order to ensure it remains stable in high winds. Lack of bracing for taller chimneys can lead to collapse causing property damage and personal injury. Metal chimneys that extend five-feet or more above the roofline usually require bracing. A chimney specialist should be consulted to further evaluate this condition and provide repair/improvement recommendations.

Chimneys are to close to each other. Does not follow the 10/2 rule

1006 (Small).JPG

Good points on both comments. Thanks so much. This is a great reason not to print reports on-site (IMO). I did include Marcel’s picture in the report.

Correct on both statements and part of the schooling for WETT Site Basic in Canada.:smiley:
Even if they are both done right there must be at least 18" clearance between the two chimneys according to Canada CSA standard.

I forget at the moment, as I don’t see it very often, but isn’t there something about two chimneys being at the same height when they are within a certain distance of each other? Aren’t they supposed to be offset?

You must have been typing at the same time Jeffrey! LOL

must be at least 18" clearance between the two chimneys according to Canada CSA standard.

Musta been. I just noticed your post time and edit time. Brilliant minds… :wink:

I was going to mention the separation but it appears to be within requirements from the pic but only Greg knows…