Should this chimney have some kind of support


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IMG_0034 (WinCE).JPG

Carl it does have some kind of support.
Is the flue liner supported properly?

Probably not.

I would believe the better question would be is why did they sleeve the existing chimney?

I believe Joe Haggerty has an excellent comment on chimney inspections somewhere here on the board that reccomends all chimneys be evaluated by experts.

Metal flues are supposed to have support if more than 4’ above the roof.

In this case if it is 4’ above the existing chimney I would think.

Thanks Brian,
I was wondering myself why the hell does the flue go so high. I was add a comment when there is a fire place that they should have a level 2 inspection of the chimney. I just cant work out why the hell it goes so high. The roof was a 5 crimp tin roof so I could walk it to get up near the chimney.

It did go more than 4 feet it was nearer 5 feet


It appears to have not met the basic 3-2-10 rule, which may be why they raised it with the metal flue.

In any event, besides the general level2 inspection recommendation, you should make mention of the modification to the original chimney and recommend obtaining permits, warranties and receipts for the work performed.

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I think Jeff’s on to it. They didn’t want to significantly prune the tree, so the took the flue higher.

Joe Hagarty’s recommendation, I believe, is what most of us use. This is mine from my [Interactive Report System]( for NACHI members.pdf):