Chimney Mortar missing


Would you suggest a level 2 inspection on this chimney?

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BTW- it’s 95 years old!

Tim, repointing of mortar and a new, properly constructed, crown is needed. a L2 inspection is recommended whenever a change of ownership takes place. There could be, and are likely, other issues with such an old chimney. The clay liner, if that’s what I see, appears deteriorated, too. A full inspection with camera on top of external repairs is needed. The flashing may need some work, too. Whenever I see tar where I should only see flashing, I start questioning why.

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Would you agree that tuckpointing is necessary here?


" Additionally, a Level 2 inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of a property"

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If I don’t pick on someone’s chimney it’s an off day. Lol… Almost always need work.


Careful, recommending the exact remedy to something like a chimney could get you in trouble. If they re-point but the chimney fails they could later claim that you advised them as an EXPERT. Nope. “Chimney cap is cracked and sever areas of chimney chase have missing, cracked or damaged mortar. Recommend repair/correction by a qualified contractor.”

Yes on the level 2 if it’s a wood burning appliance/fireplace, and that’s for all of them, regardless of age.

I call out all the chimney defects separate from fireplace defects, I have my software set up so the chimney is separate from the fireplace.

Chimney defects I see - Deteriorated mortar joints, a deteriorated crown, a deteriorated and short flue, and no rain cap.

Also that counter flashing appears to be improperly installed.

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