My day, the house had five, and all were crap. See photos






And some more.







so what did you suggest to your client.

Ben, You where tide in I hope!! Roof looks to be a 8-12 plus?

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Ben, How old was the home, that looks like a very old or very soft mortar mix



Looks like a 55-60 year old house, and I think a mason could park himself there for a few days.

Old chimneys sure have a lot of character and charm, don’t they? :wink:
They don’t build them like that anymore!

This 10,000 sq ft house was built in 1909 . The first floor was gutted and remodeled about 5 yrs ago during a fire. This place was a monster,3 story, with full attics, basement, 3 balconys, boiler system, 400amp service, pocket doors, 8 bathrooms, original working windows. I was glad my wife was on spring break to help. Still trying to catch up.

Those chimneys look like a pile of bricks that is going to come down, soon!

I would recommend complete abandonment of their use (if they are being used) and then a complete replacement by a qualified mason (that will be a job!).
George Maher
Home - Safe home, LLC
Fargo, ND

Those chimneys give me the willies when thinking about clearances between the bricks and framing members/combustible surfaces in the house. From fireplace/basement to the crown, they need complete replacement. Even as ornamental fixtures, they are a disaster waiting to happen; whose head are they going to crash down on due to a strong wind.
George Maher
Home - Safe Home, LLC
Fargo, ND

Had a couple of more today.


chimney (1).JPG

chimney (2).JPG

Old homes are great, it’s always a learning experience, at least for me.:smiley:

I hope you are right…my next inspection is a home built in 1904…wanna come learn w/ me Todd?

That is a tough way to be starting the business. Good luck. There is usually alot of disclaiming to do in older homes, that have been remodeled. Or not.

Be sure to charge extra also, the inspection, and the report will eat up alot more time than usual.


For your Chimney links…


I cannot imagine, that people that can afford a dwelling of that magnitude, can be so eliterate to maintenance and safety hazards as these pictures depict.

I hope your report expressed your intimate feelings of concern to this topic.

Hope you were in a man-lift or tied off to something on this one.

I would have condemned this chimney from binoculars view.

Have a good one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: