China done buying U.S. debt. No way QE can end now.

I predicted this day would come.

You do now that the Fed is buying 70% of bonds, issued right?

Yeah, that’s going to work out just peachy.:shock:

I will never understand why Bernake is lionized.

But then he is the guy that lets our fool politicians keep spending money we don’t have.

I suppose their is a glimmer of hope in some regards to this, albeit small. Maybe a few manu jobs return to the US? <-- Are there any.

The downsides are quite obvious though, and it’s probably better that this story stays as quiet as possible… me thinks

Didn’t realize Japan was as much a part, I guess not surprising.

Is “All Others” a component of US Dept’s/Interests and not Foreign?

There will be a major correction in the stock market soon. China will help with that. QE should end.

Japan owns long term bonds. China has the ones maturing next year that they traded for in operation twist. The Fed is not only not going to taper… it’s going to have to increase QE to make up for China saying “no thanks.”

They passed that point a long time ago. They now own so much American debt that we have a lot of control. it’s not the nation that owns the debt, but the one that owes it that’s in control of that situation.

A correction of 6-10% is expected sooner or later. Maybe.
QE will continue until mid-year 2014.