Think the Fed is going to taper QE in Sept? I say QE never ends.

You heard it here first.

Get Bernie Madoff out of prison and let him run this Ponzi scheme.

I’ll check back on this thread at the end of September. I say the QE goes on and on and on until the U.S. dollar becomes toilet paper.

September is irrelevant.

It can’t go on forever because the math always wins.

I think it will go on for years to come.

That’s the point it can’t.

Oh they will try but it won’t work.

Looks like a lot of economists disagree with me and believe tapering will start in September:

I still say I’m right and they are all wrong.

There will be no QE forever because the math says so.

Watch the rising interest rates.

THAT is why the game will stop.

Bernake ultimately cannot control what the bond market does.

When the cost of rolling the debt over gets to high the jig is up.

Told ya so:

Here is what predicted just before the Fed meeting:

They were wrong too.

Like I said, you heard it hear first.

QE must end. The government cannot afford to spend $85 billion per month to by stock. All they do is print the money, and spend it. This will actually devalue the dollar world wide, and cause other currencies in other countries also to collapse. Other countries cannot print money, so they look to our dollar for reserves/guarantees. If their is too much money printed, the dollar will be worthless, and so to, the currencies of other countries. Devalue the dollar by printing, and have a world-wide currency collapse. It has happened before in Germany, and many other countries. Buckle up.

It’s gotta go on, whose gonna pay for ObamaCare? :slight_smile:

So, where do you put your money to preserve and grow wealth?

I don’t know what you do to grow wealth, but to at least preserve wealth from a U.S. dollar that is losing purchasing power every day due to all this printing, I would not store wealth in U.S. dollars.

I like businesses, raw land, farmland, heavy equipment, intellectual property, physical gold, physical silver, guns, ammo, and anything rare like a restored tractor.

Nick is correct. Tangibles. Tools, land, farm implements, anything you think you can barter with. People with barns full of junk on TV shows will be the new millionaires soon, if the fed keeps spending. It has to stop.