Chinese Copper

I ran across this article a while back and have been bird dogging it ever since. The article doesn’t clearly address the issue of identification, so I know it’s hard to comment on this question specifically, but have any of you run across what appears to be prematurely failing Chinese manufactured copper piping? If so, is it enough of a concern at present time to disclose this in a report? Any other comments, thoughts, concerns?

Here is the article

As I do in the majority, if not all of my posts, it’s important for me to point out that I work for a company that specializes in the replacement of defective and or aged pipes and components. Many of you have actually made use of some of our websites including both and I’m on the business development end of things so I do my absolute best to monitor anything and everything that deals with defective plumbing.

I just recently joined this group as a non-member and will continue to drop in to let everyone know if I run across anything that I think may be useful.


John Griffith

I am looking for more information on this alleged Chinese Copper piping scare too. I had an agent ask me about it the other day. Unfortunately I had never heard of it. But that said, I do know that most homes plumbed, in our area, between 2002- 2007 were plumbed with PEX. So it couldn’t be too wide spread, even if it were true.

Defective Chinese Copper Plumbing Pipes a Growing Concern