Polybutylene Plumbibg?

Hi all,

Is this Polybutylene plumbing in these pics?


100_3952 (Small).JPG

Probably, can you see any markings on the piping? PB2110?
Either way refer a plumber and CYA.

Sure looks like it to me!

YEP. It is

Thats what I thought. First one I have seen. Glad I called it out. As always, thanks for your answers everyone.

Isn’t that for gas or propane or something? You’re talking about the blue right, that connects to the copper? That’s not for water correct?

I’m sure I look and sound like an idiot but just trying to clarify.


What blue are you talking about? The pipe attached to the copper is grey, which is polybutylene. I’d be curious to know how old that home was. Ive seen a PEX distrtibution center like that, but never one for Poly.

And FYI, stop putting your self down. Trying to gain knowledge does not make you and idiot. Not asking a question when you dont understand something - now that will make you look like an idiot.

Okay…I’m sorry. :slight_smile:

I guess my computer screen needs some adjusting. :slight_smile: It is definitely grey. Thanks for the good thoughts. :slight_smile:

Take care!

Yes, polybutylene manifold system…usually used in the late 80’s to 90’s

And notorious for popping in cold weather when power is lost. I always call it out as legal, but having a higher failure rate, etc. etc., and include a website for more info.

They had a recall on it I think the biggest problem was with the connections. It seems like I read somewhere if you switch over to copper fittings it will be o.k. I did it several years ago on my house and I have’nt had any leaks since. Don’t hold me to it it’s been a long time ago but I think the original problem was clorinated water caused severe degridation of it.

Copper fittings improved the abysmal failure rate, but did not eliminate it. Some manifolds like the one in your picture had shutoff valves added in later years, and supposedly the plumbing line was a home run to the fixture.

Always CYA whenever you see any polybutylene in the house.

Also, another key is that it appears to be fed from the copper tubing. At least around here, copper is not used for gas pipes.

Yes, that is a point another member made. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Do you think the “copper fittings” were original or an alteration after the fact?

Didn’t (and still don’t) see a reference to the copper tubing being inappropriate for gas - I saw a discussion of potable water tubing.

If it’s there and I overlooked it, then “good work” to whomever.


No doubt that it is PB. See the link above for some nice ID pics.

Here is a manifold picture I took of a plumbing re-pipe with PEX.
It was labeled AquaPex,

just an fyi to note the differences.


I am just curious; Do they not cover Polybutylene piping in the Home Inspection schools or courses? There has been a plethora of rudimentary questions recently on the BB about PB lately (and in the recent past) and I am just wondering what do they cover in HI schools today. If they aren’t covering this and all the inherent problems anyone paying for that education is getting ripped off and the schools are leaving HI open for some serious problems.

Certainly make you wonder Doug…:shock: