Qest tubing

I just inspected a double wide modular home that was built in 1994, and plumbed with Qest PB tubing. I know that there was a large lawsuit a few years ago involving this type of product. Can anybody tell me if this product from this year should be a concern? There are currently 4 people living in the home, and there are no apparent problems with the plumbing (at least as far as the tubing is concerned). I appreciated any feedback from all of you knowledgeable folks!:mrgreen:


When PB Pipe is found, I always recommend replacemnent of the piping.

I am forwarding the site you provided to my client, and will include a recommendation in my report. The info is MUCH APPRECIATED!!:smiley:

Positive it was not Qest PEX?


PB Pipe


Thanks Brian.
I am very appreciative of your input. Because of the extremely limited view of the tubing (most was hidden in walls, with VERY LITTLE exposure, and completely sealed with insulation and vapor barrier, home on a slab with no skirt except some dry stacked 4" block), I am going to go back to the home discover EXACTLY which type it is.
Am I correct in my understanding that if it is the pex type, it is acceptable? I have read the info you pointed me to, but am not sure my understanding is complete.
This product is apparently fairly rare here (at least in my experience), and I want to be as educated as possible. THANKS!

PEX is okey dokey

Thanks Todd!



I appreciate the info. Thanks again!

Wendell, you will probably see PEX more often, if they are building new homes in your area go and check some out.

PB pipe will be marked somewhere with the PB 2110 if you can find it. Good luck.

Both Todd and I look here, sometimes you can get a good view.http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98



I went back out to the “PB home” today, and checked out the tubing. I got all the numbers I could find:
(94-3 8P PB2110-4137 1/2"cts SDR11-1806 D3309 APMO1822-8T)
** I just looked at excluded items at the PBPIPE.COM site, and it seems that gray tubing with the PB2110 stamp is excluded.

Polybutylene (PB)(PB2110) is present.

Recommend replacement of the PB piping.


The exclusions pertain only to the Class Action.

PBPipe.com references the Cox vs. Shell Class action.

There was also a Spencer vs. Shell Class action. http://www.spencerclass.com/index2.htm

Bottom line: All PB should have a recommendation for replacement.


Thanks again Joe for the help- will recommend replacement in final report.

I know this is very late to the thread, but I came across the same stuff you saw last week in a home (no, not a mobile home!).

It is PB, but it is stamped with a rating for 180 degrees F, and 100 PSI. I included much of the info Joe supplied regardin previous PB problems, but was hard pressed to recommend replacement since it is specifically rated to carry the appropriate temp and pressure (both tested) and it is not part of hte class action.



Minimalizing the reporting by citing temp ratings, differing manufacturers, etc…does not change the one fact.

PB2110 is PB2110.

Would you buy a house with it?

I understand, Joe. I just found it interesting to note the ratings on the tubing and that there are authorities who specifically accept this pipe.