Chinese Drywall Testing

Client is looking for a company to do Chinese drywall samples and testing. Anyone know of a company to do this?

Here is what I do.

I take samples of the suspect drywall (not from ceiling) and send of to a qualified lab for testing. The simplest test is for Elemental Sulfur. The lab will test for Elemental Sulfur and report their results back to you in approximately 10-14 days after they receive the sample. Results are reported in units of mg/kg. According to the FL DOH1, a positive result above 10 mg/kg is indicative of corrosive (tainted) drywall.

You will need to fill out a chain of custody as the samples are handled like DNA testing.

You will be charged around $100.00 per sample, so manage your samples accordingly. Try to find a section of drywall that says “Knauf” (Tianjin) or one of the other 12 known manufacturers.

I use ALS Environmental (formerly Columbia Analytical Services) – Google Columbia Analytical Services or Chinese Drywall Testing

ALS Environmental
Formerly Columbia Analytical Services, Inc.
10450 Stancliff Road, Suite 210
Houston, TX 77099

another address is:
2655 Park Center Dr, Ste A
Simi Vallet Ca. 93065

Just call them at 805 526-7161

Feel free to call me at 772 539-2909 with any questions. I have sent off samples numerous times and can guide you through the process.

Lakeland Labs, Lakeland, FL 863-686-4271. $75 a sample if memory serves me. I only ever sampled twice before. All the other times I called it out visually from the attic after finding the ‘made in china’ stamping on the back. If you find that, tell the client to save their loot, the house has it.

Thanks. The buyer is out. The dry wall was stamped. The seller want’s to know what to do.

Hire a drywall company to rip out all and replace :frowning:
I would advise NOT telling them anything in WRITING :slight_smile:

The seller is in a world of hurt. I’d advise first seeking a RE attorney to see if there’s any funds from their builder to recoup. Otherwise, all interior finishes and drywall must be removed and depending, all the electric as well. Then the whole thing put back together. Good luck to them.

Not all Chinese drywall is tainted –

Good luck with that sales pitch:mrgreen:

And not all tainted drywall is Chinese…:wink:

Not sure personally on that comment!
There were issues with sulfur content in air on some USA drywall buildings-the findings (reports) were that these were on well systems and water conditioners were not efficient!

Please provide documentation of any American made drywall that is corrosive. I don’t believe there is any.

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There is fears that some contaminated drywall was recycled. I have not seen proof either.

I never stated that any American drywall was (or wasn’t) corrosive.

Not all contaminated or corrosive drywall is “Chinese”.