Chinese Drywall

Does anyone know of the method that anyone is using to test for Chinese Drywall? I know about the marking on the back where its visable on the attic side of the drywall. I am trying to find any other way to detect other than oder and the turning of wires and coils.


The Department of Health has been pretty good about updating their information.

Or read more at … There is some testing info also

I asked my Industrial Hygienist associate about testing. Here is her response:

Hope this helps William.

Thanks for the info Shawn. I have done some research on this, but not a whole lot of info is available. The HVAC contractors are doing some investgative work here and I want to get in on the investigation.

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I am looking for information on Chinese Drywall. The local state of Florida investigator indicates that the first line of defense for an inspector is to look at the copper in the air handler of the a/c unit. I just ran into this (see picture) on a two year old a/c house that has never been lived in. Can anyone share their thoughts or expertise.

Here are some pics from the site

One is the affected coils (chinese drywall), the other is of clean coils.