Florida consumer desperately needs an inspector to help her with Chinese Drywall.

Barbara Young <BYoung@sa01.org>
8:30 AM (2 hours ago)

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We are desperate for answers please. We fear that we may possibly have some Chinese Drywall in our home. We have done all the “testing” that we can but cannot actually confirm anything. We would like an inspector to come and tell us a definite YES we have it or NO we do not have it. At the moment, we are stuck because we just do not know, and we have been unable to find anyone who can help. We have two small children and fear returning to the house until we find out. It has been ongoing for ten weeks that we have been unable to stay in our house. Everyone got sick. We left and got better then returned. Within a week, everyone was sick again. We MUST find out for sure before we attempt to do anything else that may be the problem (carpet, etc).

PLEASE help us find someone who can come out and find out if we do or do not have this Chinese Drywall.

Thank you

Barbara Young
Misdemeanor DV
ASA Jay Williams
Office of the State Attorney
6495 Caroline St., Ste. S
Milton. FL 32583
Ph. 850-981-5523
Fax 850-626-8721

Please contact her if you can help.

I just called the number in the email and left a message, I’m about 30 minutes from this town and I can help her determine if there is toxic drywall present. I wish I had the physical address to look up the age of property (2005-2006 were years that we know well in this area, and Milton is in “the zone of uncertainty”). Thanks for the lead, Nick, and the next time we meet, lunch is on me:)