Chinese Drywall

Have you run into a home with the Chinese drywall installed 2003 and on? If so how did you identify or test to confirm this problem?

Cameron Mason
Gulfshore Home Inspections
Bonita Springs, Florida

EMSL provides a laboratory testing for it. Expen$$$ive service!

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The easiest way is the pungent smell in the home of sulfer, and the corroded wires, most home have had there coils in the airhandler replaced so the home owner should be aware of that. As for testing I would like to know more about it my self. I have an inspection on a home next week for this and I will email you the photos, if you would like.

Look at the back of the board (in the attic of the garage). It will have chinese lettering on it.

Or by brushing away the insulation in the main residence’s attic, if there is no attached garage and an accessible attic is present. :wink:


Looks like something we need to keep an eye on and possibly create a disclaimer for.

Tainted drywall affects real estate
Firms begin to seek legal advice as more and more neighborhoods are becoming affected


MANATEE — The presence of defective drywall in some Manatee County homes has heightened awareness about the issue in the real estate world.
Buyers, sellers and real estate agents are all asking the same question: Which homes are affected?

“In the real estate community, the concern is which of these homes potentially has the Chinese drywall,” said Greg Owens, a Realtor with Keller Williams of Greater Manatee, Inc. “We’re here to represent our buyer’s best interest. We need to know from the builders and the construction companies which of these homes potentially have defective drywall that affects the homes.”

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so i wonder if any of this made it too TN

I was chatting to a lab who have been involved in this issue, it is likely it’s all over the country as it’s not just chinese drywall involved, they have also tested some US boards that are as high in sulphur.



Thanks Gerry i kinda thought it would be that way. So anyone got any suggestions what we should be telling people? i know it is only a matter of time till we are asked