Chinese Drywall

Has anyone came up with an accurate inspection for the presence of Chinese drywall?
SW Fla has a lot of concerns with this issue.
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Try that

Ben also gives a video on it.

Actually there are at least two testing and verification protocols out now. One from FAU through their building & design curriculum and one through Florida State. The idea seems to be to first identify if there is a problem. (check wires, AC coils, check for odors etc.). If you find issues, then your problem is identified. Then you need to comply with the class action suit in LA to protect yourself and your client. Proper sampling and storage, actaul identification of specific CDW in the structure, photo document etc. Since this is in litigation and since the judge has not finalized the ground rules, be very careful that you are completely up to date on the whole process.

Gary madsen
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Some good, basic information for inspectors.

if possible while inspecting in the attic, move some insulation and look for the markings. This will tell where the drywall was made.

I personally use the Florida Department of Health Guidelines. I fugure it a state agency, that is working with federal agencies. As far as the Florida Department of Health…there is only ONE inspection process and that is the visual inspection process. Go to their website…hell they tell you all you need to know…

Nice info. I liked the part where they tell you, if you see the word CHINA upside down on the drywall, that is a sign it is made in CHINA.

Hey…common sense is not so common anymore…if its not spelled out, people will complain.

This link may be helpful…although not a complete listing. I personally live in Covington, Louisiana and have Knaff drywall labled with a "dot matrix ‘K’ "…

Hope this helps…