Bad news on Chinese Drywall..

for homeowners that have it will lose their insuranceand maybe their homes too. :frowning:


Just curious, how many inspectors have come across a house with “Chinese” drywall? It’s not something I’ll likely see around here, but there is a remote chance I could. Looks as though Florida and a few coastal areas are more likely to see it.

Well it looks like this company can solve the drywall problems. Any on heard of them?

Brian, I’ve only come across it once. Happened about 2 months ago or so. Up until then, I had only seen the pictures on the Florida Department of Health website. The home I encountered was built in 2007 and never lived in. The air handler unit replaced in 2009. Black copper all over the place. Wires in the electrical panel, receptacles, etc… The only thing i can say is the odor they speak and you read about (rotten eggs) was not evident at this home. Neither could I locate any markings on the drywall inside the attic. Boy did I look for it. The buyers ended up backing out (so did the previous buyers I was told) and they bought another home I also inspected for them. Their realtor calls me with new business all the time.


We have come across it a few times. Once was in a condo building. If it is built from 2001 on we keep a sharp eye out for it. Im in South Florida and there are a few neighborhoods it is common to find it. The condo building was a big surprise. They were selling for $1,000,000 +. We saved that buyer a big nightmare.