Cincinnati OH licensed Ohio home inspector part time

We are a Company in Cincinnati, Ohio that has just started doing home inspections in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are looking for an Ohio licensed home inspector to do home inspections for our company on a part time, paid per job, subcontractor basis. You may have your own company, we just need someone who can do our requested inspections when we need them. We pay 40% of the inspection fee. We use Spectora Inspection Reporting. Need to be licensed with the State of Ohio, show proof of insurance and sign a subcontractor agreement. We are not in completion with your business, we just need someone to work for us when needed. Please call Tammy at 513-696-9728 or email for more info!


Recommend you DON’T do this!!

Whenever I visit a website and see anything similar to this, (I don’t care who your are),